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Firearms Training Simulations

What is Firearms Training Simulations?
Firearms Training Simulations (FiTS) is a new component (and company) in firearms training for the citizens of Northern Colorado.   For decades law enforcement and military personnel have used shooting simulators to increase shooting proficiency and hone decision-making skills.  Simulators have several advantages over traditional ranges.   FiTS can be varied offering different “reality based” scenarios, and is located in town, close to you.

Our goal is to challenge shooters of all levels to improve their shooting skills by offering alternative shooting and training environments. We believe that variable training regimens enhances the CCW public’s ability to respond to different situations. 

Newer shooters trying to solidify previously learned skills may choose to use no-recoil weapons on a static range, while advanced students may challenge themselves to multiple moving target engagements, using firearms exactly like, or similar to the ones they carry. Scenarios may test the student for different aspects of their knowledge and skills.  
Simulator training is not intended to replace live fire range time, but is meant to compliment that time and offer variability.

How does FiTS benefit me?

Technology:  We offer the latest technology from Ti Training of Golden, CO.  Ti is a leader in the simulation industry with installations that have been geared to the military and law enforcement markets.   FiTS is bringing this technology to the general public. 

Virtual:  The virtual environment is constantly changing and you benefit from this.  Our simulator is updated with new scenarios multiple times a year.   The training scenes you utilize today will not be the scenes you use tomorrow.  Interact with life sized targets in 1080P resolution and surround sound.   Soon 3-D will not only be in the movies.

Range Time: You’ll be able to work on different range environments from stationary targets, to moving targets with time constraints.   You can face muggers, home invasion scenarios and even exterminate zombies.

Skill Development:  You’ll be able to work multiple aspects of your training, drawing from concealment, utilization of cover, low light, movement and use of voice commands.  Practice of these advanced skills is often not allowed on a public range.
Equipment:   The equipment we use will look and feel like the equipment you use. That’s because we use Glock and Smith & Wesson handguns.   We replace the barrel and magazine of stock production handguns with laser inserts and recoil kits to give you the “real world” look and feel.   Soon we’ll be offering the use of Sig Sauer, 1911s, Remington 870s, AR-15 rifles and others.

Customization:  Are you a business owner with safety concerns or active shooter fears?   Let us help you rest easy by offering video recordings of your building and office space, for realistic training on your turf.

Instructors:  Solid training requires good information relayed from experienced instructors.   Our certified Instructors have years of experience teaching NRA Basic, Personal Protection, and Self Defense.

Additional Benefits:  The simulation environment is not bound by ammunition availability, weather, or large time frame commitments.   It FiTS into your schedule, it FiTS into your budget, it FiTS your training needs.

Win-Win:  We want you to be the most accurate, safest, responsibly armed citizen you can be.   That’s why we are offering a training opportunity like no other in Colorado.   

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