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All shooting classes include both lecture and range time and are lead by NRA Instructors.  If you are interested in women-only classes, please contact Double Tap (970-402-2749) to make arrangements. If you are an educator, you are eligible to take Basic Pistol, which fulfills the CCW requirements, for FREE!

Basic Pistol $135/person
This 8-hour class is for all shooters, from beginners to intermediate, who want to learn safe gun handling, cleaning and storage, and good marksmanship fundamentals.  Price includes all supplies: instruction manual, guns, ammo, eye/ear protection, and range time. Call 970-402-2749 to register.
  • Third Sunday of each month, other dates as needed.

Tactical Carbine I $165/person
This 8-hour class is designed for experienced shooters looking to further their shooting education by learning the latest techniques in utilizing the AR/AK platform rifle to its full potential.  Critical analysis of shooters' gear, habits and responses will all be reviewed with the instructors.  Topics covered include: mindset and levels of awareness; handgun skills; rapid and tactical reloads; use of cover and shooting around barricades; equipment knowledge; tactical shooting skills; and quick action drills and safety.

Students should bring their AR/AK platform rifle with sling, extra magazines (30 round), and 250+ rounds of ammunition.  In addition, students should bring their handgun, holster, extra magazines and approximately 100 rounds.  Gun rental is available for an additional fee. Call 970-402-2749 to register.

Tactical Carbine II $225/person (or bundle with Tactical Carbine I and get both for $330)
This advanced class takes the skills learned in the Tactical Carbine I and pushes them to a whole new level!  Students will learn to drive their rifle as fast and efficiently as they possibly can, thus make them a better, more efficient shooter.  Worried about not finding ammo?  We can help with locating ammo or possibly bundle it into the cost of the class.

Students should bring: rifle and 450 rounds of ammunition; pistol and 120 rounds of ammunition; pistol holster and rifle sling; four magazines each for rifle and pistol; hat; water bottle; lunch; and sun screen., 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Pawnee Sportsman's Center

Personal Protection $150/person
This class builds on the skills learned in the NRA Basic Pistol class and expands on Situational Awareness and Combat Mindset.  The class will also cover different types of home protection options, i.e. shotgun or rifle.  Students will need to bring their pistol and holster, 250 rounds of ammunition, two magazines or speed loaders, and a way to carry their spare magazines.  We will provide the rifle, shotgun, and ammunition for each.
  • Sunday, Sept 9, 2013
  • Sunday  Nov 24, 2013

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