Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weapon Presentation (Test Video)

Dear Husband has agreed to be our teacher. This first video is a test, for me to learn how to accomplish this complicated task.


Mr. Daddy said...

I guess I failed...

I'm more the old western type, sling it low, then grab and bang... J.K.

GunDiva said...

Thanks for doing this DH! I was taught that correct presentation starts when you put your hand in the gun while it's still holstered.

I would also encourage everyone to practice (with a verified unloaded gun) presentation over and over again.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Don't worry about presenting (or drawing) your gun quickly, concentrate on doing it properly. Speed will come with time.

Anonymous said...

I actually teach a smoother and faster draw presentation but for beginners I always teach the rolled elbow until they learn the basics.

I totally agree that smooth is fast. It is very rarely the first shot that determines the winner in a gun is who fires the last one. Let the idiot snatch it out and put 2 in the dirt and one over your concentrate on smooth and controlled movement and put 2 in his chest.