Sunday, February 23, 2014

SHOT Show 2014 - Cameras

SHOT Show is not all about guns. Even though that is a major part.  There are numerous other products that go hand in hand with firearms.
Todays post is about several camera systems we found that will be of interest to many shooters. 

First up is a small camera system from the Midland Corporation.  (Midland Radios and Cameras) Midland is better known for its handheld radios.  But they also make a small camera.  It is similar to the GoPro camera system.  What makes this system a little different from the GoPro series of cameras, is the Midland was designed with the Hunting and Shooting sports in mind.  Thus is has better mounting options for rifles and handguns.  They even have a mount to attach to your bow. 
The one model that drew our attention was the XTC400.   (XTC400 Camera) This is their model that is Wi-Fi capable.  You can control the camera from your tablet or smartphone.  (iPhone and Android).  And the price is not outrageous at $199. 99.  Mounting options are extra. 
If you are looking for a sport camera that can take still photos and videos, look at the Midland cameras.  I think the

Next up is a neat camera system by the Bullseye company (Bullseys Camera Systems, LLC), designed for long range shooters. 
One of the problems with long range shooting is seeing your target.  Currently, there are two ways to see your target, walk out and check or use a large spotting scope.  Walking takes too much time and even with a spotting scope, you may not be able to clearly see where your shots land.
This is where the Bullseye system comes into play.  Simply, it is a camera system that you place near your target and the image is transmitted back to your Wi-Fi capable Windows Laptop, iPad and iPhone.  Android and Mac OSX support coming at a later date.  You do not need a wireless network.  It will create its own. 

What makes the Bullseye system really great is the software that comes with it.  The software can track each shot, multiple calibers and even multiple shooters.  And the information can be stored for analysis at a later date.  I think the software is what makes this camera system standout.  You can see where you shots land, but also record and analyze the data to help you improve your shooting. 

Pricing starts at $449 for the 500 yard model and $549 for the 1000 yard model.  This is not an outrageous price.  A quality spotting scope will cost this much. 
If you enjoy shooting long range and want a better way to see your target, take a look at the Bullseye system.  I think you will get a lot of value for your money. 

Finally, is another camera system by Target Vision.  ( )  This system functions just like the Bullseye system but without all the added software add-ons.   I see Target Vision as a prime competitor to Bullseye if they can get the company off the ground.  The only website I could find was a link to an Indiegogo fundraising site.  It does have an excellent description of the product.  The bad news is, this system is not currently available.  And the list price is $1295.  Much higher than the Bullseye system.  But I suspect the price will come down as time goes by and production volumes go up.  What  
According to the website they are estimating deliveries to begin in March 2014. 
I hope they succeed. 


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Momma Fargo said...

Great electronics. They have really come along way. I love the new devices, but have to keep it simple for my lack of guru know how. Good thing guns are still the same concept. LOL