Saturday, November 14, 2015

Range Day with Mez

It's been a couple of weeks since I've been to the range, so I was really looking forward to getting some gun powder therapy. I had a new drill I wanted to try and it was going to be much easier to do at an indoor range than an outdoor one, where I'd have to keep moving the target.

Mez took me to a really, really nice range in the city he lives in and in the excitement, I forgot to pick up the target I needed to shoot the drill, so I pulled my training book out of my bag and fell back to the dreaded-but-much-loved Dot Torture.

I had done some sort-of training with the G42 to make sure I could hit the broad side of a barn (or a torso-sized target), but I haven't done a lot of training/practice with it. When I'm just out farting around at the range - not doing any drills - I shoot primarily strong-handed (in my case, right-handed), but when I'm doing drills and focused practice I always run the drill both strong- and weak-handed.

It was a good decision to go to the Dot Torture instead of the other drill, which requires your first five shots to be at 25 yards. With the Para, I have full confidence I can hit at that distance. However, with a pocket pistol ... well, it would have been iffy.

Right handed

Left handed
There are times, like today, when I feel like I should just switch to shooting left-handed. And there are times, like today, when I wonder if I'll ever be able to shoot this damn thing clean.

But then I remember, I'm doing it with a pocket pistol and while I didn't shoot it clean, I did complete the strings of fire and I can only improve. I just need a lot more trigger time. A lot more.

And when I do finally shoot it clean, there will be much celebrating!