Sunday, September 15, 2019

[Slobber, Drool]

I saw this recently on the Book of Face.

Viking themed engraving on a 1911 slide. Given that I am roughly 38% Swede, this appeals to me on a genetic level. I don't know how much he charges for this level of work, but I'm guessing it's not enough and more than I can afford. Sigh.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Politics of Guns: David Hogg proves the need for private gun ownership.

I know you don't believe it, but David Hogg himself just proved why we have the second amendment and why private ownership of guns is mandatory for safety and security. (And why we shouldn't let the government have guns)
Hogg-boy was doing an interview with Chris Hayes of MSN (or is it MSLSD?) and was talking about how todays mass shootings are related to the massacres of the 1800's and linked to white supremacy. I don't understand the link either but it's David Hogg talking, so there is no logic or coherence behind it.
Anyway, Hogg was referencing the massacre of Wounded Knee. Well, the massacre happened because the US government had rounded up a group of indians and WERE CONFISCATING THEIR GUNS when the massacre occurred. He commented how history might be different if the indians were armed.
Gee, ya think? Since we are equating history with modern times, could it be that we today want to keep our guns for the same reason the indians did? To not be murdered by the government, or anyone for that matter.
And the first step to genocide is GUN CONFISCATION! And on top of that, what makes gun confiscation easier? Licensing and Registration of guns!
So let's all thank David Hogg for making our point for us.
I'm glad Hogg-boy is coming around to our point of view.
P.S. to the anti-gunners, here is a pro tip, don't let David Hogg speak. Ever! He is the worst image for your cause.
-Gundude Mez