Monday, October 26, 2015

Living with the Flashbang

I'm a week into using the Flashbang as my primary holster and for the most part I really love it. Now that I've figured out a system for getting dressed and holstering my gun, it only takes an additional thirty seconds or so to get dressed.

Two drawbacks:

1) I'm developing a raw spot on Ms. Left from the edge of the holster. I'm wear it tucked deep into my bra, so the edge of the holster rubs. I need to just get some moleskin, but it's a lot harder to find than I remember it being. I might have to resort to ordering it from Amazon.

2) I've found that after about 13 hours (the length of time I'm at work), it starts to get uncomfortable. Well, not the holster so much, as the whole bra. If I'm honest with myself, 13 hours is about how long I can tolerate wearing a bra, so I don't know that I can really blame the holster for it.

I'm still in the market for an IWB holster for jeans day, but I think I can hold off on spending that money for a bit, as long as I continue to dress around the Flashbang.

One other note: a couple of years ago, I did a review on a leather holster and I was disappointed when the snaps gave away and the holster started flopping. Holy cow, if that leather maker had used the same snaps that Looper does on the Flashbang, the leather holster would not have budged! The snaps on the Flashbang are ... sturdy. In fact, if you don't get the technique down, you're not getting the snaps done or undone.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Flashbang Holster, Day 1

 **Warning** The following may be TMI, but certainly I can't be the only one with these problems, I'm just willing to talk about them.

I've been searching for a while to find a holster I could wear with my scrubs. Traditional waistband holsters pull on the drawstring scrub pants and are really very uncomfortable. I considered a bellyband type holster, but the last bellyband I had I hated and gave it away. Andplusalso, those Can Can holsters are sexy as hell, but I'm old enough to wear actual underwear, not tiny scraps of material. If I were to wear a Can Can holster, I'd have to pull my unders up over the top because the bottom of the holsters are right about the height of the pubic bone. Or I could put my unders on and then put the Can Can on, but what about when I have to go to the bathroom? Take my holster off? No thank you.

After reading some reviews of different holsters and tossing it around a bit, I decided on the Flashbang holster.

Twelve hours in on day one, I'm loving it. There are some issues, yes, that I'll get into in a second, but mostly this is a very comfortable holster and exceptionally concealable. I know, that's not news to a lot of people.

My issues are pretty minor and involve "the girls". Since I still have a hard time working the snap (though there is a helpful video with how to work the snap), I put the holster on my bra before putting the bra on. It made getting everything adjusted ... interesting. I prefer to wear my holster tucked deep into my bra because I have a bit of a gut that I'm afraid will push the butt of the gun forward. I got the holster settled in just the right place and then realized I still needed to put the gun in the holster. I managed, thanks to the video tips on how to do it safely, but it still took some finagling of the girls to keep any skin out of the way so as not to end up with a nasty pinch.

I finally pulled the holster down, holstered the gun away from the girls, and then tucked it back up into my bra and got everything (re)settled. I then pulled my scrub top on, woke up my sleepy husband and asked for a "gun check". I passed his bleary, one-eyed inspection and then spent some time moving in front of the mirror. No printing. 

Because of my shape, I won't be able to wear this holster with any form-fitting clothes, though I do know women who can and do. However, for my work wear, this holster has been a beautiful thing. I usually wear patterned scrub tops, which we all know helps disguise any printing and the material isn't clingy, so it drapes nicely over the gun.

The big test for me was sitting and talking to a co-worker who notices everything. I stood in her doorway and talked, I sat in a chair in front of her and talked, I stretched and moved around. Nada. Passed that test with flying colors.

The biggest benefit so far is that going to the bathroom is a beautiful thing. No juggling of holster or gun. 

I'll see how tomorrow goes, but after the first day, I feel like I have a good solution and I'm dreading "jeans day" when I can't wear a scrub top and will have to go back to a belt holster. Maybe I just won't go to the bathroom that day. ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Full Circle

Tara and I met many moons ago when she was a student in a class I was assisting with. We worked together most of the day, because she needed a lot of individual attention. She was not comfortable with the gun, she was not comfortable with the process, and she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Fast forward years and thousands of round later, and she is one of my dearest friends and one of the most solid, competent shooters I know. Handguns will never be her passion - she's a long-range, long-gun girl at heart - but she can run a handgun very well.

A few weeks ago, she and I were assisting in a concealed carry class and there was a student who needed a whole lot of individual attention. I'm not going to lie, my throat got a little tight when I looked over and saw Tara working with the student, just as I had done with her almost ten years ago.

It got me right in the feels and made me so proud of the hard work she has put in since she was the uncomfortable, unsure student. I'm not sure there's a better feeling than seeing your students excel.