Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Full Circle

Tara and I met many moons ago when she was a student in a class I was assisting with. We worked together most of the day, because she needed a lot of individual attention. She was not comfortable with the gun, she was not comfortable with the process, and she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

Fast forward years and thousands of round later, and she is one of my dearest friends and one of the most solid, competent shooters I know. Handguns will never be her passion - she's a long-range, long-gun girl at heart - but she can run a handgun very well.

A few weeks ago, she and I were assisting in a concealed carry class and there was a student who needed a whole lot of individual attention. I'm not going to lie, my throat got a little tight when I looked over and saw Tara working with the student, just as I had done with her almost ten years ago.

It got me right in the feels and made me so proud of the hard work she has put in since she was the uncomfortable, unsure student. I'm not sure there's a better feeling than seeing your students excel.


The Milk Mans Wife said...

HEY LADY!!! Its me!! The Milk Mans wife!!! I MISS YOU!! We moved and I dont have the same email!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

Momma Fargo said...

Ah. Great post!

Tara Janzen said...

Thanks, babe. We've covered a lot of ground since that first class - where I was so RELIEVED to realize you would be by my side the whole day. You're amazing, always patient, calm, gently guiding the new shooter - the hours and days we've spent together on a gun range have all been wonderful, peaceful, glorious. And then the last class, where I was able to slip into your place with me, by a new shooter's side (while you handled everyone else in the class!!) - that was so amazing - to look over at you and feel our bond and realize we truly had come full circle - xoxo :-)