GunDiva's Teaching Library

 The following are books I recommend in every class I teach:

  • The Little Black Book of Violence
    • This is the newest book to my teaching library. I've found that it's a good summary of the other books I've read over the past few years, and does not only apply to males. One word of caution: the bleeding section of the First Aid chapter is out of date. Please take a First Aid/CPR/Stop the Bleed class for the most current information. If you are only going to buy one book, this would be a good one to purchase.
  • The Gift of Fear
    • It sounds dramatic to say this book changed my life, but it did. At a time when I was trying to live in Condition Orange, trying to look behind every bush for my stalker, this book taught me to trust my own instincts and allowed me to lower my guard. 
  • Protecting the Gift
    • A book by the same author as The Gift of Fear, but geared toward raising children to learn to trust their instincts. This goes far beyond "stranger danger". de Becker has an admittedly anti-gun slant, but overlook that. The rest of the information is excellent.
  • The Cornered Cat
    • I recommend this for all new concealed carriers, not just the women. It has excellent practical tips for living with your gun.
  • The Law of Self-Defense
    • Using a gun for self-defense isn't a free-for-all, there are applicable laws that all gun owners need to familiarize themselves with. This book does a good job of breaking it down and takes a state-by-state look at the most common laws.
  • Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self-Defense
    • There is more to self-defense than claiming "I was in fear for my life!" This book explains AOJ, the importance of being able to articulate your reason for using lethal force, and victim/aggressor.
For students who are brand new to gun ownership, I also recommend Lynne Finch's series of books.

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