Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Never Know Who May Shoot, Too....

Just a quick note, of something humorous that happened today. For those of you not familiar with the events in my life of the past two months, my husband has been pretty sick. We were recently able to discover the root cause of his problem, and through much trial, error, stress, and a heavy dose of persistence by moi, we hooked him up with a local surgeon.

Now, my Dear Husband is also a Range Master and does some Firearms Instruction for his full time job. He has a variety of people that come to him for help with their pistols, and about three-ish weeks back he came home and told me about tweaking a trigger on a 1911. Time passed, and neither of us thought anything else of it.

Today it came back to him though. Today he met his surgeon for the first time. The Doctor walked into the exam room, took one look at Dear Husband and said, "I know you!" It took Dear Husband a moment to place him, but when the Doctor said, "You did a trigger job for me a bit ago on a 1911!" Dear Husband placed him and knew exactly who he was.

The moral of the story?

You never, ever know who you might meet who carries. Conducting yourself with a level of professionalism and politeness, (and in this case, S-K-I-L-L,) leaves a lasting impression not just in customers, but in everyone you happen to meet. For instance, not only did the surgeon remember Dear Husband, and compliment on the quality of the job done, but the last ER doctor he saw also knew who he was. Turns out his wife was our nurse at one point, and they have plans on coming in to shoot.

Never know who may carry. Never know what type of an impression you might make. Someone with a fear of guns, from a lack of education about them, might just be willing to learn when you conduct yourself with a calm, confident, and even professional manner. The more people that wish to expand their education- even if they never ever touch a gun- the better society will be for firearm owners.

In the meantime, rack those slides and hit center mass ;)

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