Sunday, September 5, 2010

Defensive Pistol 9/5/10

I have had the greatest weekend so far!  Went shooting with Tara on Friday, rode with Monster yesterday, and shot Defensive Pistol today!

I'm a bad, bad, bad GunDiva and didn't clean my gun or magazines after shooting Friday.  I only ran through about twenty rounds, so I didn't think that I really needed to clean the Para.  I also didn't think about cleaning my magazines, because I have to do it so rarely.  Funny thing, if you never let them hit the ground, you don't have to worry about dirt build-up.  Except...when I did the magazine change video, I put them all on the ground.  And then didn't clean them.

I'm not sure which contributed to the problems I had at the range today - the dirty gun or the dirty magazines - but I had issues with my gun not going into battery, so I had to smack the back of the slide more times than I should have to get it to go into battery.

That said, here are the videos - critique away.  I know which errors I made (not cleaning my gun/magazines being the biggest), but I'm interested to hear from some other shooters.

The first stage is "Twinkle twinkle" because of the Texas star at the end.  We started in position one and had to "slice the pie" from cover, hitting all of our targets with at least two rounds, then move to position two.  Since I was shooting from the left, I switched hands and shot left-handed as I sliced the pie.  (I'm comfortable shooting either right or left, but that took lots of practice.)  After clearing all of the bad guys from the right and left, we had to move to position three, the Texas star.  I usually do okay with the star - I don't know anyone who does really well with the star - but chose to take the time penalty instead of wasting time chasing the last arm of the star.

In this stage, we had to start from a semi-surrender position (true surrender position would have us facing away from the first target, pivoting and then drawing), shoot the first target from a retention position - just means one handed - as we moved back to cover, then slice the pie to shoot the other targets.  Then I had to move to the other side of cover (yes, I switched hands again), shoot the "tires" off of the car and put two in the driver's head.  I got a miss because I only put one in his head.  Bummer.


Daddy Hawk said...

First off, consider yourself pistol whipped for not cleaning your equipment...ALL of your equipment...before a match.

Having said that, I wouldn't think a little grit would have given the Para that much in the way of fits. I assume you've never had that problem before otherwise we would have heard about it.

You didn't say whether it was IDPA or USPSA or some other org or which class you were shooting in; however, I'm guessing a stock/production class since you don't seem to have a beveled mag well. Those magazine changes are killing you on time.

I recommend practicing your mag changes at home (without live rounds and all the dirt of course). You can put a cushion at your feet or practice by the bed or the couch. don't bother catching the mags unless it's required by the rule. Drop the empty as the fresh mag is coming up in your weak hand. Keep working it over and over until you can hit the mag well consistently and smoothly on the first try. Like everything else, it's practice and muscle memory.

It sounded like y'all had some wind to deal with; but, with a .45 at those ranges, it shouldn't have made that much of a difference.

It was hard to tell in the second video; but, based on that last head shot target, it appeared you were shooting high. It didn't look like you were breaking your wrist. So, I'd have to guess you had some recoil anticipation on the longer shots.

GunDiva said...

After I thoroughly cleaned the Para, I found a "catch" in her action. She's going to the gunsmith this week.

The match is kind of an IDPA hybrid; I do actually have a beveled mag well, which has sped up my mag changes a bit. I was trained and it was drilled into my head to NEVER let my magazines hit the ground, which is why it's a conscious effort for me to drop them on the ground. I know that competition shooters drop their mags all the time *shudder*, but I took my shooting lessons from someone for whom shooting was a matter of life or death. Yes, it's faster to drop your mags in competition, but in real life you may need those magazines in the future :)

Very early in the day I gave up on being competitive and went with just having a damn fine time :)

I think the last shot was "jamming anticipation" rather than recoil anticipation.

So it's back to practice, practice, practice...

GunDiva said...

Oh, and in the second video, in order to rule out dirty magazines as the cause of the problems, I borrowed some eight rounders from another shooter. Eight rounders and mag well don't work too well together. However, still had problems with coming into battery, so I know it wasn't the magazines. Also ruled out ammo issues, as I was shooting factory ammo, not reloads and I've never had a problem with factory ammo through her. I'm hoping that the gunsmith can figure out what the slide is catching on. It's just a slight hesitation, but you can also hear a click that doesn't belong in a well functioning gun.

Momma Fargo said...

You are so kickass! You need to be a cop. And I often sport alfalfa hay in my pistol during gun inspections. My Sarge just shakes his head. Love your videos!

Anonymous said...

Accuracy is ALWAYS rewarded over speed. NONNE can shoot fast enough to miss. ;) Once your equipment hit the bricks you went on for fun..GREAT!! Most people whine and throw a temper tantrum. You need to get a Roly Poly bag for quicker mag stowing and maybe some looser mag holders for a faster mag draw but everything else was on da money!

Deejo said...

Mag changes are killing you, but you'll be able to get around that with practice. I suggest some BDU style 511's with the lower outside thigh pockets. Blouse them out before you shoot the round and you can just drop the mags almost straight into 'em. Easiest mag retention in the world!

Second, I think it's not just the mag changes. You always seem to be surprised when you run out of ammo. Count your rounds and you can anticipate the mag changes. Helpful as long as all mags have the same capacity :) Those long rounds should have almost a rhythm to them (ie. 1.2...3.4...5.6.7drop/change 1.2..3.4.5....6.7drop). Watch the shooters ahead and figure out that rhythm, then load the mags to match. It's almost like a choreographed dance, then. Use the final scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith as inspiration.

Even a nice gun doesn't like dirt. I can't believe you didn't clean after shooting! SSGT Escola would have had your HEAD!

Nice shooting lefty. Good skill to have is ambidextrious pistoleering. And a single shot to the head is enough with a .45. Double tap to the skull is really overkill.

Just my two cents.

GunDiva said...

Deej, I'm always surprised when I'm out because I keep ordering the damn Hollywood magazines that are supposed to hold an infinite number of rounds!

sarahsmile3 said...

That looks fun!