Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pictures Wanted!

By: GunDiva

One of the things I want to do with The GunDivas is to make a collage of all of us women shooters.  If you have a favorite picture of yourself and your favorite gun, please send it to me in jpg format at  If you can't narrow it down to just one favorite picture, send me several.  If you want to be identified in your picture, let me know.  On the flip side of that, if you want to remain nameless, also let me know.

I'm working on a FB page for us as well, so as soon as I get it fleshed out, I'll let you know.  That might also be an easy way to share photos.

Now, remember, we changed our name so we wouldn't be confused with the T&A site, so please make sure you're properly attired in your photos :)

2/18/11  Please, do not comment on this blog post; that's how Mr. I-Hate-American-Women is spreading his spam.  We can discuss him in today's post without (I think) giving him the ability to spam our commenters' blogs.


Funder said...

No ma'am. I looked back through my pics from the time when I'd be most likely to have an audience, and all I found was proof that I used to be a wuss about the snow. I was serious, too - white death, we're all gonna die!

Mrs. Mom said...

Dear Mr Boycott American Women.

Dude. I've been willing to let your comments on my other two blogs pass, but this time I have to wonder at your intelligence on a whole NEW level.

Son, you DO realize don't you, that THIS particular blog is about WOMEN with FIREARMS? Women who SHOOT? And shoot WELL? (Meaning that the majority of us could blow the nuts off a flea at considerable distance.)

Besides, if American WOMEN are so disgusting to you, obviously you have not looked towards American MEN. I hear from some of my homosexual friends that there are guys out there who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. The chrome off a trailer hitch. The... you get what I mean.

So Mr Boycott American Women, take your drivel elsewhere please.

A Pistol Packin, Straight Shooting, No Tolerance for Bullshit

Mrs. Mom said...

Oh-- Diva-- I'll try to get pix to you today or tomorrow too ;)

finski said...

LOL at the American ManIdiot! What's the matter? Are we too strong for you? Boo hoo!!

Mr. Daddy said...

You just gotta be impressed with the testosterone level of a guy that will spew such drivel, and sign it with ANONYMOUS!!!!!



could that be considered epic whine FAIL?????

just saying...

@ Mrs. Mom
I am not a homophobe, but that is just way to much information....