Monday, December 19, 2011

I Just Fell In Love

...And surprisingly, it wasn't with a gun.

No, it was with Fit Shot, which combines a CrossFit-type workout with shooting exercises!  Tara and I met Rob Pincus at Valhalla several years ago, and had a private day of instruction from one of his instructors.  If I recall correctly, after they unloaded our gun bags, we were told that it looked like Soldier of Fortune puked all over their gun counter.  We took it as a compliment.  We had both of our tactical shotguns, Tara's long-range rifle, and our handguns.  Not much, but more than they were expecting two women to have, I suppose.

Anyway, the Valhalla shooting center has closed, and Rob Pincus has moved on to I. C. E., where he teaches Combat Focus Shooting all over the world.  He's also a Certified CrossFit instructor.

Do you see where this is headed?  Fit Shot combines "Functional Fitness and Practical Shooting Skills".  You know I love shooting from my Bosu, and I was pretty certain that was some cutting edge training right there.  This stuff makes my Bosu shooting look like child's play.

Their Facebook page has a lot of sample workouts that aren't nearly as intense as the one in the video, but I really want to try it.  I just have to figure out how to do something like this at the range, since I'm relatively certain that my gym won't let me work out with my gun on and dry fire at the wall.  Pretty sure that would induce panic in the other patrons.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Seems like the adrenalin rush in the other customers would make one HELL of a cardio workout for them...

Daddy Hawk said...

That looks like fun. Where do I sign up?

CG said...

Hey, Have you seen the Sig .380 in the rainbow titanium finish? I just saw one the other day and want to get one for myself! Would go great with any outfit, lol.

GunDiva said...

CG - that rainbow titanium finish...I have to tell you, I saw that first at SHOT Show a few years ago and had to keep going back just for the giggle. All I could think was that Miss Congeniality could have worn it with ALL of her evening dresses.

Shepherd K - Fit Shot on Facebook. I love the workouts that I've seen listed. I haven't tried any of them yet - the weather hasn't cooperated, but I'm hoping to on Friday.