Monday, June 4, 2012


The GunDivas, first and foremost, will always be a safe place for women shooters to ask questions and share experiences.  There will be no belittling of anyone who asks an honest question.  Of course, if you are a vendor at a gun show, I will make fun of you in public for not spelling rifle correctly, but if you are a female who wants to know more about shooting, this is a safe place to be.

When I was first learning - really learning, not just plinking with my ex-stalker - I was lucky enough to be surrounded by men who were willing to teach me and not make me feel like a fool.  Since I don't have all the answers - I'm still learning even after eight years of shooting - I often still ask questions of "my guys".  They've made me a much better, much more prepared shooter than I would have been on my own and I have the utmost respect for them.

I've invited some of my guys to join the site as authors.  I invited them because I feel they have valuable information to share and don't talk down to me or make me feel like an idiot because I don't understand something or need clarification.  Trust me, if they couldn't talk guns so that I can understand it, I wouldn't ask them to be one of our GunDudes.  I don't know how often they'll post - if at all - but you might see posts written in different "voices" by different people.  Feel free to ask questions of them, share your stories and so forth.

As always, I want this to be a safe place for women shooters and I believe the GunDudes will help to expand our knowledge.  I'll try to assemble bios for each of them and post the bios under the GunDudes tab.

Now...with that's off to investigate the newest gunshop in town.  I've heard good things about it and I'm really excited to go see it with my favorite GunDude, RCC.


agirlandhergun said...

Great!! I look forward to reading things from their perspective!

Daddy Hawk said...

GunDiva, I was truly honored to receive your invite to be a GunDude. I look forward to posting for your audience.

The Lowry Place said...

Great post! I like the fact that we can all help each other.

GunDiva said...

The gun community is really one of the most supportive communities I've had the pleasure of being apart of.