Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thoughts on the UN Gun Treaty

What's on my mind, and many of yours, is the UN treaty on small arms.   I've received several emails regarding the apparent signing of the treaty on July 27th.  I've read the NRA pieces, I've read other blogs and even attempted to read the treaty itself to reserve judgment for myself.    Wayne LaPierre told the UN last year "despite claiming that they (the UN) had no designs on civilian gun ownership, had nevertheless made "endless demands for record keeping, oversight, inspections, supervision, tracking, tracing, surveillance, marking, documentation, verification, paper trails, databanks, new global agencies and data centers" without respecting anyone's right of self-defense, privacy, property, due process, or observing personal freedoms of any kind".

Let’s think this through for a moment.   The United Nations is made up of many countries, if not all but two or three,  that do not allow for private firearms ownership.  It’s not a right their citizens have so why would they give a rat’s ass about yours?  They don’t, and you know this.  Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and other bad apples (all UN members) won’t abide by any U.N. Mandate to track arms shipments when it does not work in their interest to track.   These players have long made a priority of supplying AK-47’s and other small arms to almost any revolutionary that opposed a democratically elected Government.    The deck is stacked, the countries of the world do not believe in our Bill of Rights, let me rephrase that statement, the politicians and despots of the countries that make up the UN do not believe in our Bill of Rights, and those countries make up the majority of the nations that make up the UN.   Mexico backs this treaty as well and we know that they want to pin their woes to arms suppliers of our country.

I took a class on the constitution over the spring, a class from Hillsdale College.   I took many ideas away from the class, but several points really stand out.   A Government will enact no law upon the citizenry and exempt itself.   That’s one idea that has been forgotten time again by our Government officials.   Healthcare past and present, Social Security, Insider trading laws are three areas I can think of off the top of my head in which our Government, elected by the people, enacted on us and not themselves.   Secondly, a power once granted to the Government is going to be used at some point.   This points heavily to untended consequences of existing laws.  Laws written vaguely or broadly enough to encompass new methods or technology which was not in existence at the time the law was written.   So, applying this point the UN arms treaty, if they do not intend this treaty to impact civilian ownership of firearms, write it in such a way to expressly exempt civilian ownership.  The UN, not having done this can then exercise the write to enforce registration, tracking, etc… at some future time when the outcry has subsided.   Loss of freedom through incrementalism, we know about that, it’s getting pecked to death by ducks.   Take just these two things away and you can see that our own Government could sell us out to the UN and exempt themselves.   Lastly, the study of human nature, our founders were very smart men for their times and they recognized that man has both good intentions and greed in himself.   The politician believes he/she is helping his/her constituents, but at the same time is always trying to cement his/her own power.   Better believe this point, this is why all politicians fail us in the end, they become more concerned about their own power than our freedom.  

Lastly, I’d like to point out that even if the administration signs the treaty the senate has the last word on treaty ratification.   No less than 57 Senators have written the administration and said they “unequivocally oppose” the treaty that would impact civilian ownership of firearms.   However, they are politicians and they will serve themselves in this area.  Western Democrats will lose re-election on this issue alone and they no know it.    Harry Reid himself gets an A rating from the NRA.   Here comes the plea, call your senators, voice your concerns, email your senators – write your concerns.   Do it daily, write a 10 minute letter and keep it in MS Word, copy and paste it into their form everyday for the month of July– done.  Don’t let those Senators forget, and make sure they know you won’t forget.

Remember Charlton Heston?  Yep – “from my cold dead hands…”

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agirlandhergun said...

Great, great post.

That is their intent, but your right, if they claim it isn't then why not included it? People are to lazy to research and fight, so they just believe what they are told by people in power and that they trust.