Monday, December 3, 2012

Bob Costas - Off Target

In 90 seconds during the Cowboys VS Eagle game, Bob Costas told us about how guns don't make us safe, don't settle arguments, and take lives. You can hear it for yourself here.   He blamed the "gun culture" for tragedy that befell the Kansas City sports franchise and prophesied that our "gun culture" would be responsible for future escalations and deaths over small things like loud radios.   Bob used his media position to directly communicate to millions of Americans with no rebuttal.   Bob didn't mention the domestic violence issues and the faltering marriage.   Bob did not mention pain killers, the alcohol  the injuries, but you can read more about those here.  These facts tarnished the memory of Jevon Belcher and were left out of Bob's soap box theater.  There are many things that contributed to the death of this young athlete and his wife, but the gun was merely the tool, but through Bob's filter the co-conspirator.

I've seen, and I'm sure you have too, a quote attributed to Col. Jeff Cooper.

In a tragedy that left many hurting, the gun is blamed for the death of a star in Bob's world.   However, when good men use guns to stop the bad, it's the man that gets credit and not the gun.  This juxtaposition of gun and gun wielder is an interesting double standard.

Some among your circles believe, like Bob, that guns should be abolished and that with this act, crime and violence will abate.   Look back to your history and you know this is not the case.   King Leonidas at the battle of Thermopylae would certainly disagree - for firearms were still a future invention.   Genghis Khan rode into Mongolia without the benefit of firearms to wipe out many thousands of victims.   History only tells us that man has killed man since the dawn of recorded time.  The gun more often has been used to protect the few from the many and has evened out bad odds for over a couple 100 years.  The gun has given rise to independence and freedom to the many for they no longer half to rely on the lords for protection.

The gun culture that I know is far from the uncaring and crass culture that Bob sees but does not participate in.   The culture I am involved in is one that cares about the safety of their families.   The culture I see takes responsibility for their actions and does not blame inanimate objects for the deeds of the owner.  The gun culture I know is not looking for the Government to fix their problems.  The culture I am involved in believes in constantly improving their skills while hoping to never need them.  If Bob's media culture were more like the gun culture, political correctness would be a foot note in some forgotten text.  If Bob's media culture were more like our gun culture the Jevon Belcher shooting would be portrayed as domestic violence, and Mr. Belcher as a murderer.  We in the gun culture have our eyes open, we see the double standard.   We see the threats to freedom not only posed to our guns, but to the larger threat made against our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness when events like this are politicized.

I guess it's obvious I prefer the gun culture.

Shoot Straight,


Red Shoes said...

Will Bob Costas get fired much the same way that Hank Williams, Jr. did for his outburst?

Of course not.

Rap music and Hollywood both promote and romanticize this 'Thug' mentality...

This is like outlawing spoons because they make people fat...


Daddy Hawk said...

Amen brother. To quote Jennifer at In Jennifer's Head, "shut up and dance monkey".

tara said...

"Evened out bad odds" -- this is my mantra. If Belcher's wife had owned a gun and known how to protect herself, well, actually, then she probably wouldn't have been in an abusive relationship. Thanks for such a clarifying article.

agirlandhergun said...

Great post. Excellent well thought out reasoned thinking. How many times have we heard the mind is the weapon? It goes bothy ways. This guy was the problem and what he did was horrific, but like most anti gun people, to Bob, the victim is barely an after thought.

Mrs. Mom said...

Well said 2XT.