Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11-- Never. Forget.

By Mrs Mom- Shared from my horse blog.

It's funny. I can't remember the events of three days ago with much clarity,
 but I can remember 9/11/01 in great detail.

I can't remember all that I ate yesterday,
Yet I remember what I had that morning.

I can't remember exactly who I talked with 2 days ago,
But I can see and hear each and every person from that day.

I remember being with clients- getting ready to teach 2 homeschooled kids their riding lesson for the week. I remember the cup of coffee, with just a dollop of Bailey's in it, that was presented to me as a pre-birthday gift by my student's Mom.

I had exactly three sips of that coffee.
One, in the kitchen, as we gathered up the kids.
 The second walking up the drive to the barn to get the horses ready.
The third before I went to help check tack and get the kids ready.

It was the last time I had Bailey's.
And I don't know that I'll ever be able to drink it again.

I remember the horses- an older white-ish/ gray-ish gelding, retired from a dude string, and a mouse brown gelding who was a camp horse for several years. They had a resigned look on their faces, one of "Oh no. Not this AGAIN."

I remember the excitement in the kids faces, the sheer joy of being NEAR a horse.

I remember the feeling of Fall in the air.

I remember, just before we were going to get the kids mounted up, the sound of their Dad's truck screaming up the mountainous driveway. I remember the look on his face.

I remember his words like he said them just now.


The details spilled from him with intensity- and a pit of dread opened in my stomach.

I remember stripping tack from the horses, tossing them into their field, and seeing the family running to their house to gather information and news. The father- a veteran of Desert Storm- looked at me and told me that if this went as bad as he feared it could, for me to get my son and come back to their house- he would protect us.

I remember the truck race down the mountain to the school to get my pre-K aged son- the radio blaring the news, the shock, the feeling of sickness and of not knowing what was coming next.

When I arrived at the school, the faces of those with me reflected the shock and horror, the uncertainty. School closed- parents were swarming in to pick up their kids, buses were being scrambled for the rest. We were only 2 hours from Ground Zero- less as the crow flies. Better to send all kids home, to be with their parents, than leave them in school *just in case*. No one ever finished that *just in case* thought.

I remember getting home, turning on the news, and seeing the first tower collapse.

And then the second.

The people jumping from the base of the sky, falling towards the city streets and certain death below.

I remember.

I remember with such intensity it hurts at times.

I remember the friends I lost that day.
I remember the 343 brother and sister first responders lost that day.
I remember the police, the port authority, the innocent civilians.
I remember Flight 93, who said NOT ON MY WATCH.


Have you?

Now, we also have to remember Bengahzi. The four people lost there- and still- no answers.
Have you forgotten them?



RabidAlien said...

Still remember walking in to the retail store I slaved/worked at, going into the break room and hearing about the first plane. At that point, it was still an accident. Then as I stood there, the second plane, and reports of the Pentagon and a fourth plane down in a field somewhere. Absolutely nothing got done that day, work-wise, but I went home with two or three packs of magnetic business cards and spent the afternoon printing American flags on them. Which I handed out the next couple of days, only to find out the next week that corporate had jumped on the bandwagon and we were now selling flags, bumperstickers, and magnets. Hated retail before that, loathed it aftewards.

I'm still praying that someone will hold Obummer and Clinton and the rest accountable for 9/11/2012. Bengazi is not forgotten.

Monkeywrangler said...

Visiting from The Warrior class blog. I remember that day too well. I cannot hear Enya's, Only Time, without seeing all those images in my mind.
I will not forget. I am doing my best to ensure my young children (all born post-9/11)know exactly what happened that day, so that they will honor and remember the sacrifices of that day, and those made since.


GunDiva said...

Thanks for visiting Vic303. I read on facebook somewhere that we have to be careful not to let 9/11 go the way of 12/7 - you're definitely doing your part to keep that memory alive. Thank you.

Rabid Alien, I'm with you. I want to see someone held accountable.

Momma Fargo said...

Nope. Never will forget. Love ya, Mrs. Mom!