Friday, April 4, 2014

Review Regrets

Back in June of 2012, I wrote a glowing review of a new gun shop.  I loved the place - it became my go-to shop for a few months and then things began to change.  By the time their first year was out, the co-owner, who had become somewhat of a friend had some health issues and was pushed out.  I didn't like the way the shop was going, it was now staffed by a bunch of young wanna-bes who didn't know jack-shit about guns.  My fun shop had turned into a large box store.  However, because I didn't want to hurt my friend, I didn't print a retraction despite desperately wanting to.

The last time I was in the shop, I might have well have gone to Sportsman's Warehouse.  I was ignored and talked down to.  The young bucks didn't have time for a middle-aged woman (who has more shooting experience than the whole lot of them put together).  The positive influence of the co-owner was gone - the store was all about volume and they didn't care how they moved that volume.  But, yet, I held off.

Today, though, the taste of betrayal is strong. And I don't like it.

As most of you know, Colorado is currently locked in a legal battle regarding the gun laws passed last year.  Fifty-five of our sheriffs have filed a lawsuit against the state, and several gun shops have joined.  Here's a link to the original complaint.  Note that USA Liberty Arms is clearly listed as one of the plaintiffs on page two, right under MagPul Industries.

This morning, I read the following on Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply's Facebook page:
I Spent the day at the Federal Courthouse in Denver.

Today John Berrud, of Jensen Arms, and I testified on behalf of the Plaintiff FFL's in our lawsuit against the State of Colorado. Governor John Hickenlooper signed three anti-second Amendment, anti-gun rights, anti-personal freedom bills into law. This lawsuit which seeks to overturn these as unconstitutional, is based on the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

While there were originally 9 FFL holders (gun stores) in this suit, to represent the group as a whole. Only 5 took the effort to compile the necessary data, and submit the necessary paperwork to the attorneys in order to proceed with the suit.

One of the original 9 plaintiffs in the suit, USA Liberty Arms, not only failed to support the lawsuit by refusing to provide data, they were listed on the State Attorney's list of potential witnesses.

In a news article printed in January co-owner David McClelland was quoted as saying they have "managed to adjust to the changes."
"They've also found special magazines that comply with the law."
"They make California-compliant models that take 10-round magazines easily," McClelland said. "Abiding by that law is very easy."

Meanwhile the testimonies of the all the Plaintiff's has gone well, the attorneys are getting in the arguments they have against these laws. Tomorrow starts the testimonies of the defendant. The trial is expected to end late next week. Keep the attorneys in your thoughts and prayers as they proceed.

We are hoping Justice will prevail, and these anti-gun, anti-liberty laws will be declared unconstitutional and thrown out.

Support those in the Industry that are doing their part to protect your 2nd Amendment right.
Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply, Fort Collins
Jensen Arms, Loveland
Jerrys Outdoor Sports, Grand Junction
Green Mountain Guns, Denver
Goods for the Woods, Durango

I've tried looking for the Defense's current witness list, but can't seem to find it (I do not have strong Google-Fu apparently).  I will, until proven otherwise, believe the post by RMSS because they are currently testifying in the lawsuit and have access to all of the court records.

Not so much as one red cent of mine will be spent at USA Liberty Arms.  Not because they're a witness for the Defense, not really.  The reason is that they joined one side of the lawsuit and switched sides. 

I have respect for businesses (and people) who stand for what they believe in, even if their beliefs are different from mine.

I have ZERO respect for businesses (and people) who can't make up their minds.

I just wonder if their switching sides has anything to do with them being approved to build a huge indoor shooting range that previously met a lot of opposition?  Suddenly, their proposal went from "no way will we approve this", to "sure, it'll be good for the area".  Feels to me like there's been a bit of behind-the-scenes horse trading.  (Or I've been spending too much time with my Conspiracy Nutter friends.)


SENIOR said...

We have a few here locally, i just laugh at their incompetent attitudes, especially when I call them out in front of customers, specifically with the XDS recall. They have now clue.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Well, crap. It was so conveniently located for me.

I wonder if I can return some slightly used ammo for a refund.


GunDiva said...

It used to be a really great store, and they have a lot of loyal customers. I'm still feeling betrayed by their actions.

Truly, I wouldn't have cared one way or the other if they had chosen a side and stuck with it, but to change sides? Zero respect.

Home on the Range said...

That is sad to hear. I have a general idea of where you live. If you are at the range and see a young lady, 20ish looking, with VERY long red hair the color of mine, about six foot tall and a couple of Glock's, go over and say hello. That's my daughter.