Sunday, May 11, 2014

Defensive Pistol with the Glock 42

Last week was the monthly Defensive Pistol match at our local range.  I thought it would be a good way to break in the Glock.  I know it's a little crazy to take a BUG to a full-on match.  Usually, we have a BUG side-match that is specially designed for mouse guns, but what fun is that?  Anyone can shoot one stage with a baby gun.

I've stated it before: I use the Defensive Pistol matches as practice time.  You just can't get the same type of practice standing at a line taking all of the time you want to take your shots.  Most ranges won't let you shoot and move, or shoot from unconventional positions.  I know some ranges that won't even let you draw from a holster.

It's a good thing that I use the matches as practice and don't worry too much about my time, because otherwise I'd be really sad that I came in dead last. :)

Mez was kind enough to bring his mouse gun to shoot the match with, too.  He's obviously got a lot more time on his gun than I do and does amazing things with his little Sig P238.

The first stage we shot was 48 rounds if you shot it clean.  I did not shoot it clean and had to have Mez follow me to reload my mags.  As a general rule, having five magazine is plenty, but in my case, five magazines only gave me 30 rounds (31 if I "cheated" and loaded one in the pipe, which I totally did).

Let's just say I got lots of mag change practice on that stage.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Glock.  It ran very well, with just a couple of exceptions.  I had some double feed issues.  Being a Glock, it was easy to take to the safe table, strip it down, clean it, and put it back together.  I'm not entirely sure that it was a dirty gun issue.  It could have been a cheap Russian ammo issue as well.  I started the day shooting Federal and didn't have a problem, but quickly ran out (remember the first stage?) and had to borrow some ammo.  I didn't have any problems with the Federal, but the gun was clean then, too.  So it could have been a one, both, or either problem.

200+ rounds downrange with just a couple of hiccups.  I'm happy.  I need to run a few hundred more rounds through it, of course, but it feels great in my hand and, hey, I cleared the Texas Star with it!

To be fair, I should mention that Mez also cleared the Texas Star with his even smaller mouse gun.  The Sig isn't much smaller than the Glock, but it is smaller.


Daddy Hawk said...

48 rounds for the first stage?? Who designed that disaster? Were they trying to simulate a zombie apocalypse or the Watts Riots?

GunDiva said...

Somebody must have peed in the organizer's Cheerios that day. Not only were there 48 rounds, but there was lots of movement as well. Shooting through a doorway, between barrels, from the left side of a barricade and from the right side of a barricade. It was TOUGH, but I made it through and only hit one (?) good guy. (I think; I was so traumatized by the stage I don't recall my exact penalties)

Six said...

Ran the Texas Star with a G42 and the little Sig? That is dang impressive. I have enough trouble with my G35!

GunDiva said...

It was a good time, Six. I have a love/hate relationship with the Texas Star, but after almost five years of going up against it at least twice a year, I'm finally getting it figured out.

Momma Fargo said...

To be fair. LOL. Who says you have to be fair. You are writing the post. LMAO