Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Swab-its

As much fun as the shooting sports are, once the fun is over you need to take care of your equipment.  This includes cleaning your firearms.  Contrary to popular belief, your firearms do need to be cleaned and lubed to maintain proper function and accuracy. 
Everyone is familiar with the standard cleaning kit consisting of cleaning rod, brass bore brush and cotton patches.  These have worked well for many decades.  But they do have their own disadvantages.  A traditional patch does not conform to the round shape of the bore and you end up using numerous patches to obtain a clean bore.  A bore patch does not reach into the nooks and crannies of modern semi-auto firearms.  You could use old-fashioned Q-tips, but they are made of cotton which leaves cotton fuzz everywhere, they are short and don’t have flexible shafts.  Finally, you end up with a pile of trash to be thrown away. 

Now there is something better to help clean your firearms.  Bore-tips and Gun-tips by Swab-its (Swab-its).  Both of these items use a lint-free synthetic material that is washable and reusable.  No more throwing away piles of cotton patches or Q-tips. 

Gun-tips are simply a synthetic Q-tip with a plastic, flexible shaft.  They are great for getting into the nooks and crannies of modern firearms.  They come in various sizes and lengths and do an excellent job of cleaning the junk out of your firearm.  Another great use is to help apply lubrication.  You can put the lubrication where you want it instead of spraying lube everywhere and hoping it goes to the right lubrication points.  Just pick the one you need to help with your cleaning. 

Sample of Gun-tips

Use Gun-tips to clean into deep pockets. 

Great for applying lube where you want it

Bore-tips are a caliber specific combination of cleaning jag, bore mop and cleaning patch in one.  Bore-tips thread onto a standard cleaning rod and can be used to apply cleaning solution to the bore as well as removing loose particulates (just like a cloth cleaning patch or cleaning jag) once the brass brush has been run through several times.  Due to being round in shape and conforming to the shape of the bore the Bore-tip is more efficient than traditional cleaning patches.  They are also great for applying a uniform coat of oil to the inside of the bore for long-term storage.  

Sample Bore-tips

Bore-tip replaces cleaning jag, bore mop and cleaning patch

Use as cleaning jag, bore mop and cleaning patch


I like both of these products from Swab-its and think they will be a useful addition to your cleaning kit.
They may seem expensive but they are washable and reusable.  In the long run you should save money and reduce waste going to the landfill and more efficiently clean your firearms.



Home on the Range said...

That is some useful information. I made sure to spend as much time learning to clean and service my firearm as I did on how to shoot it.

GunDiva said...

As Mez well knows, I *despise* cleaning my guns, but I do use Swab-its and it has made my life much easier.

Momma Fargo said...

I like them too! I do not like cleaning my guns...least fun part of the devices. However, I do diligently most often because the police department beat it in my head on gun inspection days. Swab-its are da bomb. Wished I had some at the station. We used toothbrushes and q-tips. Swab-its are also great for picking your nose.

Unknown said...

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