Monday, February 2, 2015

Industry Day at the Range: Magstorage Solutions

This product is something that I'm so in love with that I've actually become a dealer.

I don't know about you, but when the insanity hit Colorado and we found out we were going to be limited in magazine capacity, I bought mags for guns I didn't even own yet.  The result is that I have boxes of mags just taking up space.  Space that we really don't have in our 647 square foot house.  Magstorage Solutions is going to fix that.

You can mount this in your vehicle and not worry about losing mags.

I must have this.

You know you want a set, too.
The mags slip in securely with a satisfying "snap", but aren't impossible to remove.  The holders are easy to attach to a wall, with just four screws.  Since the attachment points are keyholes, if you need - for whatever reason - to take the whole thing off of the wall, just push the bottom of the holder up and slip it off.

Do you want to keep your mags in your gun safe with your rifles?  No problem, they've got an answer for that too.  With the neodymium magnet kit ($16.95), you can attach your mag holder to any steel door.

The wall unit (holds six magazines) retails on their website for $35.95 and the car unit (holds six magazines) retails for $109.95.

I like this product so much that I see a give-away in the future.

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