Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sexy Holsters, Part II

Note: despite the "Sexy Holsters" title, this post applies to all new shooters and their gear. It just so happens that I have seen dangerous sexy holsters most recently.
It is important for us as shooters and instructors to help educate new shooters. We know that there are is a large batch of new gun owners joining our ranks. Many of them will take a basic class (if required) to obtain their concealed carry permit and stop there.

Sadly, many of these new owners will see sub-par - and sometimes down-right dangerous - holsters and buy them because they don't know any better. It is our job to educate them, even if it is only a five minute discussion or a handout in a basic level class. If the students are not exposed to what they need to look for in a good holster, they'll forever be at a disadvantage. Additionally, we need to explain to them why certain things are so important. Giving students a list of what they need without giving the why of it isn't going to help them learn to evaluate their gear critically.

What I find even more frustrating are the manufacturers who are cranking out these holsters. The ones I spoke with at SHOT Show didn't really have a clue about what a good holster entails and they themselves had not continued their training beyond the basics. If the designer does not know what is required in a good concealed carry holster, how can they possibly design one?

The reality is that these poor designs are going to continue to pop up. Why? Because you'll always find people who say, "I've carried this way for years and never had a problem." They're right - they've not had a problem because they've never had to access their gun in an emergency. They've not taken a class with their concealed carry rig and have never tested it under pressure.

I hope to be one of the people who carries daily, yet never needs to use my gun, but that doesn't mean I'm going to use inferior equipment. I want to know my gear works every time.

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