Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What Can *I* Do, Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I laid out my plan to train all of the staff and faculty in my building.

Luckily, my boss got on board and we got the ball rolling. We came up with a training plan. At our next all staff meeting, we will be getting everyone certified in Basic First Aid and CPR/AED. The staff meeting following that, we will train them on the kits from Stop the Bleed. I do expect some push-back from a few people, but you never know when an accident is going to occur. I fully believe that every person should be first aid/CPR certified beginning in high school, no matter a person's occupation.

On Friday, my life-saving box of goodies arrived.

Inside, there is a C-A-T tourniquet, QuikClot packing gauze, a compression bandage, and a mini sharpie. The price was right, too. $69.00 for a personal kit. I opted for 10 personal kits instead of their big response kit, so that I could stage a kit in every classroom (we're a small campus), the front desk/reception area, and the student lounge. While the bleeding control station is great, what happens if someone is injured in a classroom across the campus from the station? In my mind, it's more important to have smaller kits in multiple locations.

The one thing that the kits are lacking are chest seals, so I'll order sets to add to each pack before I put them in the classrooms.

I consider myself blessed that I have the knowledge and the skills to do this one small thing to prevent deaths on my campus.

Ask yourself, what can you do to help in your workplace?

(Besides carrying everyday, I'm going to assume that if you're one of our GunDivas or GunDudes that you carry whenever you are able.)

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