Monday, September 17, 2018

Where Are the Lady Hunters?

(GunDiva's note: This post was written by Robbie, but for some reason Blogger hates him and he can't get signed in, so I'm posting until we get it figured out.)
In all my days of hunting, I have noticed something lacking in the hunting community. What is it you ask? It’s the women! In a sport that is dominated by men I rarely see the ladies out hunting. I have asked some of them about hunting and what got them into it and to my surprise many of them tell me that they were intimidated by the sport. Most said that at first they were uncomfortable with the idea of learning from a boyfriend or husband; stating that they felt a lot of pressure and stress from them and that they didn’t want to disappoint them. Finally they said they would try it out.

Ladies, if you feeling this way ask around the local gun shops to see if there are rifle classes focusing on hunting. Don’t be shy, the fact that you are willing to seek instruction is awesome. Look online for support groups for women hunters. A good one to check out is “women in the outdoors” or “women outdoors“

Guys, don’t get all hurt if she is a little hesitant about learning how to shoot for hunting from you.
I was lucky when my wife said that she wanted to learn how to hunt. I asked if she was comfortable learning from me or if she wanted to get instruction from an instructor. Luckily she was completely comfortable with me teaching her the finer points of shooting.

I have found that women are much better students then men. First women seem eager to keep an open mind and are open to suggestions, whereas most guys like to think that they know everything about the shooting aspect of hunting. A lot of times I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with guys, with the ladies they seem to give their full attention and aren’t afraid to ask questions, and are willing to try other ways of doing things.

To be honest with you I’m impressed when I see the girls out in the field. I think we need more of you out there, building up the ranks of our wonderful sport, showing us that you can and want to get out in the field with the boys and provide natural wholesome meat for you, family and friends.

Go get 'em, ladies. I hope to see more of you in the field.

(GunDiva's note, part 2: I'll admit, I'm not a hunter. I don't like the taste of game - I know, I know, that's like saying I kick puppies. Plus, with my luck, I'd get my animal as far from camp as humanly possible and have to drag it all the way back. Thanks, but I'll continue to do my "hunting" at King Soopers.)

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