Tuesday, January 22, 2019

SHOTShow 2019, Industry Day and Show Floor, Day 1

I'm gonna be honest, we're probably not going to get daily updates posted here on the blog. We've taken some great pictures and have notes on a lot of things, but ... we're slackers.

HOWEVER, we are doing live end-of-day reviews over on the Facebook page, so if you want to see what we're up to (in a totally not professional videographer way), click on over.

Since I'm on here, though, I'll upload a few pictures of the cool things we've seen.

Industry Day

Rock Island VR80 (top gun)

Rock Island VR60

Lyman Auto Advance targets (we talked about this in our 2nd live video)

Glock's new lineup

Mossberg's entry into the pistol market MC10

Show Floor, Day 1

Resqme tool

Our next shotgun VR80

Side-by-side G43X and G48

Nite Site (discussed in first live video)

Daniel Defense Delta5

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