Monday, March 25, 2019

Rock Island Armory VR80

One of the guns I was really excited about at SHOT Show was the VR80. I bought one as soon as I could find it and brought it home to play. I had a few issues with it, but I'm fairly certain they were GunDiva-caused issues, because I did something I never do - I read the manual. Not only did I read the manual, but I took the dang thing apart and put it back together. I never do that; usually, I get a gun home, take it out of the case and start shooting for the first 1,000 rounds.

I made a little video explaining what I think caused my issues, and it turns out others are having the same problem.

I haven't run the heavier loads through it yet, but I'm fairly certain that now that I've tightened everything down, we just have to make it through the "break in" phase. The manual says it takes about 50 rounds and I only have 10 of the lighter loads through. I had planned on running some more rounds through over the weekend, but didn't get around to it.

Once we're through the break in period, I'll post an update.


Unknown said...

After you have shot more rounds, did your problems ultimately resolve? I just bought VR80 and having same issues that you describe.

GunDiva said...

The issues seem to have resolved by using heavier shot. I will admit I haven't run a lot through, though I had every intention of it. It earned its spot in the gun cabinet when it ran flawlessly to kill a rattlesnake. If nothing else, it's proven itself as a farm gun.

Unknown said...

I am looking at buying one and would like an update! Very interested to hear back!

Unknown said...

did the gun ever start cycling correctly

my friend and I both bought one and they both would not cycle and eject.

is this just a function of breaking it in with 50 rounds or so?

or is there a problem in design?