Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls With Guns- Who Are We?

We are wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, best friends.
We are loyal, strong, determined, tough as nails.
We are beauty from the inside out.
We are intelligent.

We won't be pushed around, or anyone's patsy.

We are girls. Girls With Guns.

I'm Mrs Mom. Wife, mother, sister, best friend, loyal to the end, stubborn as a Mule, strong as an Ox, and with a set of Momma Bear Instincts that make Bad Guys piss themselves and run.

Like GunDiva, I didn't grow up with guns. In time, I learned to shoot some long guns, and a pistol or two. But I never had the "Gun Bug". It wasn't until Dear Husband came along that I started to really learn about firearms. I like the mechanics and engineering of them. I like knowing that I can break them down and put them back together again. And I *love* making them go BANG! and Blowing Shit Up.

I was content with that knowledge and ability for quite a while. Since Dear Husband was always with me, and we went everywhere together, I never worried about anything. Dear Husband you see, is a pretty big and menacing looking fellow. Not many people mess with us. Add in his being armed with a Springfield Armory 1911, the fact that he has some serious Bad Ass skills with things that go BANG!, and we have a pretty safe setting.

Recently though, things have changed. I've been going on client calls with our two sons in tow. I'm out and about more on my own. I hate it, but we've gotta do what we've gotta do, right?

On the way to a barn call, (I'm an equine hoof care provider,) I encountered a bad situation. My pistol, known as "Plan B", was not with me. Would it have made a difference to the outcome of that situation? Probably not- not unless things took a decided turn for the worse. Instead, I relied on my brain (known as Plan A) first, and my truck as a deterrent.

In this blog, we'll explore a lot. We'll look at SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, and how it can save your hide. Back up plans. How to think outside the box. When to fall back on your own Plan B (or C, D, or even E.) We'll post links to state laws and regulations. We'll discuss carry methods. We'll look at home defense, and options other than firearms. And of course, handguns. Lots of handguns.

In the meantime, aim for center mass and get to know each other!


Linda Medrano said...

Great Post! I love this site!

Anonymous said...

YEAHHHHH! I love hearing about women that shoot. You don't have to be some macho woman who looks half guy to carry. Keep it up girls!