Sunday, April 18, 2010


Girls With Guns is collaborative effort between two blog sisters who would not have met without the blogosphere.  Besides being horsewomen, we are both avid shooters.  Over the course of multiple emails, we bonded over our Right to Keep and Bear Arms and our love of recreational shooting.

In fact, when Mrs Mom emailed me about this, this is what she had to say:
The way I see it, you and me are in this for fun, and to maybe help some other ladies out there who want to learn more about guns, self protection, situational awareness, home defense, and maybe other options other than just a hand gun/ any firearm.
We'll share our experiences and, honestly, may deviate from being gun/safety based all the time, but we hope that you take something away from our efforts here.  We want this to be a safe forum for women interested to be able to ask questions and get honest answers from women, because, let's face it, men don't have the same experiences we do in anything.  I'm not man basher and don't condone it, but a man's perception of the world is different from a woman's.  That's a fact; they don't have to worry about being abducted and raped, they don't have to fight with being seen as the "weaker" sex, they don't have the same "mother bear" instincts we do for keeping our children safe. 

We're different critters, ladies. 

And that's okay.


Jennifer said...

I'll be all over this like mud on a pig.

Seriously, I have much to read & learn. I am undecided on the issue, though "R" is seriously nagging me to practice & take permit test with him. I am not sure I'm comfortable with that, or that I will.

This might help make my mind up.

Daddy Hawk said...

GunDiva and cohort in crime, great idea. It is true that women think differently when it comes to firearms. If you ever need a guest poster from the male perspective, let me know.

Unknown said...

I joined cause I was introduced to the "armed" world through my gunslinger hubby. I am happy to take part in something that will protect my house and home as is my right!

Linda Medrano said...

I love guns. My husband loves guns.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Hey, just found out AZ is considering a new law that concealed carry permits will not be required. I might just have to consider a semi-retirement place there. How great to carry on my horse and be able to put my rain slicker on without needing a permit. Ha!!! A true cowboy state.

Janice Grinyer said...

I received a lovely ruger .22 for valentines day this year from my wonderful hubby - I am just a lowly bunny reducer, but am willing to learn so much more! I appreciate you ladies taking this on to educate :)

Thank you!