Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zombie Killing Day

I love the Defensive Pistol matches, but have been known to skip them now and again.  Okay, okay, so I went almost a full year without attending a monthly match.  But there is one match that I try my darnedest to never miss and it's the Zombie match.  I love killing Zombies.  There's something very satisfying about blasting them in the head (Rule #2 when dealing with Zombies).  You know, "two to the head makes them dead(er)".

So, for you viewing pleasure are a couple of Zombie-killing clips (even if one does have a clear violation of Rule #4).

Maybe for the next video, we need to add a new rule, Rule #33 (did you know there were already 32 other rules?).  Anyway, Rule #33: Don't short-stroke the shotgun.

Here's a shooting buddy of mine protecting the little trick-or-treaters...

And I killed all those Zombies without chipping my nail polish (had to get dressed up for Zombie Killing Day).


Mr. Daddy said...

rule #33 HHHHHhhhhMMMMMMMmmmmm!!!

you maybe getting just a tad to familiar with your weapons....LOL

just saying.....

Finding Pam said...

I enjoyed watching the videos.
It looks like some serious fun. Looks like you did really good.

Have you ever seen Top Shot? There are some great shooters on that show/

GunDiva said...

You know, I really *love* killing Zombies.