Friday, January 21, 2011

Presents! I Brought Presents!

Lots and lots of swag at SHOT Show; as Tara and I were gathering them up, we decided they'd make great give-aways for the blog.  So...just as soon as I figure out how I want to give all of it away, we'll do so.

Just a couple of quick notes from the show:
  • Perhaps one of the all-time best bonuses of being a woman at SHOT Show - no lines in the bathroom!  Yep, you heard me right - no lines!  It effing rocked!
  • R. Lee Ermey is a charming gentleman.  We queued up about thirty feet from where he was going to be and waited and waited and waited.  But it wasn't because he was late, but because he took the time to talk to everyone.  The person (or people) in front of him got his full attention, and he spent time talking with everyone.
  • I fell in love.  Okay, okay, I was at a gun tradeshow - falling in love was inevitable.  I fell in love over and over again, but the gun that stole my heart was Para's new Slim Hawg.  And that's despite the idiot contracted salesman.  Please, Para-Ordinance, for next year's show, hire someone who knows the product, not some damn non-shooting contractor.
  • Steven at Springfield Armory was amazing - he took the time to sit and talk with Tara and me about the XDM.  Tara's been looking for one and had some questions that he patiently answered (and gave us two of the coolest hats ever - no, those aren't up for the give-away, we already put our cooties on them).
  • If you ever get the chance to go to dinner with two former Border Patrol Agents - take it!  It was a blast!  Thank you for an amazing evening, J and K.
  • And a big shout out to the other women shooters we met and chatted with - Maddie and Diane - we both love meeting women of a like mind.


Mrs. Mom said...

Still totally jealous you two got to meet R. Lee. That man ROCKS.

Looking forward to more on the show!

Daddy Hawk said...

GunDiva, it's no fair keepin' the good stuff to yourself. Your cooties can be washed off the hat if it's cool enough. I say you should post pictures so we can all decide if it must be thrown into the prize pool. :)

GunDiva said...

K. - Tara and I already had a knock-down about the hats. Springfield only had one of the hats we both liked. I caved; she got the red/black one, I got the solid black.

Momma Fargo said...

Totally jealous. Sigh.