Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh What A Night!

This is an idea I really wish more ranges would consider and offer. It's simple- Ladies Night. How many new to shooting and firearms ladies are out there? LOTS. How many feel intimidated by being in a gun shop? Too Many. How many feel uncomfortable being the "only woman" in the shop, asking for help? Again, TOO MANY.

Fortunately, Patrick's Gun Range is NOT one of those establishments that allows staff to treat women as an after thought, giving them lip service and / or a pat on the head, insisting that a lady only needs a .22, because a bigger gun would scare her/ hurt her/ be too hard to operate.

I have been lucky enough to attend two events there now. For Ladies ONLY. Spouses may come- but they are "encouraged" to sit down and enjoy the flat screen TV in the comfortable seating area, or to watch from the outside of the glass. This program is quite literally for the ladies.

First time shooters, returning shooters, done it once but forever ago shooters- ALL are welcomed with open arms, quality education and an understanding staff. They go above and beyond making the ladies comfortable- from answering questions to hands on teaching on how to handle a firearm, every single lady that I spoke with (or helped) left with a better understanding of firearms and a desire to learn MORE.

Because sometimes, that is all it takes. One time, one caring, skilled experience can make a huge difference to new shooters.

The attending ladies learned that shooting is not just for self defense- although that is an excellent option. They also learn that shooting is great stress relief. It offers a new skill set. It offers a chance for you to escape and broaden your education.

Other areas of self defense are covered- batons, defense spray, tazers, stun guns- you name it, the staff will take the time to talk about it and help you gain a better understanding.

To any Range Masters out there, consider setting up a Ladies Night. Treat us right and I guarantee you will increase your business. And ladies, if your local range does NOT offer such a program, locate the manager and ask about it. It's well worth the effort!

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Allenspark Lodge said...

Isn't that just too precious!


Really, what a great event, and it's about time. I hope it catches on nation-wide.


Reddunappy said...

Thats a great idea!! That would be a lot of fun!!

Mrs. Mom said...

Bill, remember-- I know your daughter ;)

AND your Bionic Cowgirl wife! Me thinks you are a wee bit outnumbered there.. muwahahahaha

RDA- It IS a lot of fun! Wish you were closer to us, so you could come shoot with us!

Older School said...

There is such a place in Summerville, SC that caters to women. They have women sales people and women instructors. It's an awesome place and if anyone is ever in the area, you should stop in for a visit. ATP Gunshop and Range.

My home away from home.

GunDiva said...

Yay Mrs Mom! Love that Patrick's does this.

Older School - I love that you've got a female-friendly gun shop that you're comfortable in. I got my start in "real" shooting because of a female-friendly gun shop. I think every town needs one.

Unknown said...

I should check to see if my gun range has this planned!

Unknown said...

How cool is that! Unfortunately the closest range to us is a an hour's drive away. I was spoiled growing up with the Colville Gun Club, 10 minutes down the road complete with rifle range....sigh.... but hey we have a rifle range at our house now so I can't complain too much. The social interaction is nice though...