Saturday, May 28, 2011

What I Shoulda Said Part II

I sat down and put together everything that I had to cut out of my Top Shot Interview and once it was done, I was happier with it than the video I submitted.

Dang it.

I suppose that's just a little taste of Murphy's Law.

Dang it.


Unknown said...

"..getting too expensive..."

Hehehe. Talking with his balls, eh, until he figured out that patronizing little girls can get pricey!

Daddy Hawk said...

GunDiva has a voice? Who'd a thought?

Unknown said...

I am so proud of you for submitting your application. I have watched every season, and always thought that you would do awesome! They should totally pick you.

GunDiva said...

Suz - you're dead on!

Shepherd K - it's a rather annoying voice, but I have one :)

Tiffany - thanks for the vote of confidence.

I tried captioning this for Rachel, but YouTube's auto-caption is more hilarious than accurate.

Mr. Daddy said...

you are right Rach showed me the email, you should of sent it, they would of had to pick you for comic relief if not for your skill level...

win, win...........*snort*

I took Rach out for some gunpowder therapy today, something we haven't done for a long time. we broke some rules (but at a safe place.) LOL shot some lily pads on a pond. you will have ot ask her to send you the pic she caught of a muzzle flash and ejecting shells

Rachel said...

I'm trying to figure out how to get to the group page thingie to leave the pic.

And it wasn't breaking rules if I hit the TREE instead of the water...!