Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kinsco Police Supply

I love 5.11 gear.  Love it.  However, there is a draw-back.  I had to order online and pray that I could fit into whatever it is I ordered.  There wasn't a store nearby that I could try on the 5.11 clothes.  All of the stores in my area that carried 5.11 only carried the men's line.  Oh, I could have bought men's clothes, but there's this not-so-little issue of me being build like a girl.  As they used to say, I got me some birthin' hips.  In order to buy men's pants that would cover my birthin' hips, I would have had about a million inches of gap at the waist.

I grumbled and grumbled and last year at SHOT Show actually went to the 5.11 booth to see if I could try on some pants only to find out that they don't sell off the floor anymore.

I did some online searching for stores in the area that carried women's 5.11 clothing and was thrilled to find one less than 40 miles away.  I love my 5.11 so much that I was willing to make the drive.  Kinsco Police Supply is a 5.11 lover's dream.  The store is amazing - wall-to-wall 5.11 gear in every color, shape and size.  I was in heaven.  I found a new pair of pants and got to try them on!  What a treat that was.  The sales lady was friendly and knowledgeable; she told us about their upcoming Black Friday sale, which RCC and I fully intend to attend.

That is definitely a store I will be returning to over and over again.

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