Thursday, February 16, 2012

Retail Therapy

I had a really crappy day at work.  All one hour and forty-five minutes I was there before I decided to take a mental health day.

I don't know that the mental health day worked, but I at least didn't have to pretend I was happy to be at work.

So, what does GunDiva do when she's upset? One of two things: eat or shop.  Since I'm trying to lose weight, I had to choose shopping.  Not just any old kinda shopping either.  I'm not really girly, so the "typical" shopping wasn't going to work for me.  Nope.  No shoes or clothes or make-up.  None of that stuff.

Instead, this is what I bought...
Rocky, the bleeding zombie target
We'll see how well Rocky stands up to one of our marathon shooting days

I'm pretty excited about Rocky.  He makes me smile.  I've been eyeballing these "bleeding" zombie targets for a few months now, but I know he's only going to be good for one outing.  That's fine, though, because RCC has his GoPro camera mounted on Medusa (his shotgun).  I can't wait to see what the video shows.

Rocky made me feel better and then I saw this...

This can be used over and over again, all you have to do is replace the clays once you bust them out.  Precision zombie shooting anyone?

Now I've just got to arrange a shooting day with my boys and Tara.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Those are SO COOL!

This should probably trouble me more than it does...


Home on the Range said...

Rocky rocks!