Friday, February 24, 2012

You Just Never Know

I recently attended a State-wide Training for an event I've been volunteering for for several years (a non-gun-related event).  I'm "out of the closet" as a shooter and have been for a very long time, I don't try to hide the fact I'm a shooter and I love my guns, so I wasn't suprised when one of the other women at the training couldn't wait to tell me her husband had bought her a gun of her very own.

What did surprise me, thought it shouldn't have, was the sheer number of women (all in their sixties or better) who surrounded us and threw in their two-cents' worth about their favorite guns.  I was in gunnie heaven.  Easily eighty percent of the women that attended the meeting were shooters and several were carrying.

The only people not participating in the conversation?  The handful of men in the room.  In fact, they looked decidedly uncomfortable to see a gaggle of women get so excited about the guns in their lives, their favorite places to shoot, and their favorite targets.

Just thinking about the State-wide training makes me smile.


agirlandhergun said...

You have all the cool stories!

I too have found that most of the people concerned or uncomfortable have been the guys.

Mr. Daddy said...

UUUmmmmm is there a little profiling going on here?????? LOL

be careful ladies or you will be declared sexist!!!! ROFL