Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Defensive Pistol

Our Defensive Pistol matches are always the first Sunday of the month, which means I'm way behind on posting.  However, the delay does mean that I now have access to the scores and can tell you that I *finally* beat Mez. 

Sort of. 

Ok, I take that back.  The scores say I beat him, but I don't believe them simply because we were in a group where a new timer and scorer were being trained.  There are always mistakes when training new scorers.  For example, for the stage that I solidly "beat" Mez on (according to the scorer), the score sheet shows 60 seconds worth of penalties.  Each penalty is worth 0.5 seconds, so that means in order for Mez to have 60 seconds worth, he would have had to amass 120 penalty points.  That doesn't happen.  Mez is one of the best shooters I've ever met.  There's no way on earth he had 120 penalty points.  Not even shooting blind-folded, weak-handed, hanging upside-down, drunk on a Sunday could he amass that number of penalties.

I finished eighth in my class (mag capacity of 10 rounds or less) of ten.  Not great, not horrible.  But solid shooting.  I had a couple of stages that I was smokin'!  And then I started thinking (or in one case, just stopped thinking) and completely screwed myself up.  I also like to compare my scores to the other classes, specifically those with higher capacity magazines.  In theory, shooters with higher cap magazines should have faster times because they don't have to reload as often.  I "beat" six of the high cap folks.

I'd like to see my times drop, but it's going to take a bit more time for me to trust the Para again.  It had so many problems for so long that were blamed on my technique instead of anyone believing it was the gun, that I lost a lot of confidence with it.  I don't think it's even been six months since I got her fixed up properly, so I'll just keep on with the slow and steady, knowing that speed will follow.

Stage 1
Raw time: 54:03 seconds; penalty seconds: 10; total time 64:03 seconds.

Stage 2 
Raw time: 71.84; penalty seconds: 4.5 seconds; total time: 76:34 seconds

Stage 3 
Raw time: 28:08 seconds; penalty seconds: 3.5; total time: 31.58

Stage 4 
Raw time:  34:07 seconds; penalty seconds: zero; total time 34:07 seconds

Stage 5
Raw time:  93:49 seconds; penalty seconds: zero; total time: 93:49

Shotgun Side Match
I wasn't even going to post this one, I sucked so bad.  But maybe other shooters can feel better based on my total and complete suckage.  I decided the night before to take off my Blackhawk Knoxx buttstock that kept slapping me in the face and put on the stock buttstock.  Only, I forgot that I'm fun-sized, not adult-sized and the whole reason for changing out the buttstock in the first place was because my shotgun's too big for me.  I sucked.  Badly.  And then it got worse...I ran out of rounds, so I didn't even finish the stage due to my total cand complete suckage at the beginning.  By the time I got me and my gun sorted out, it was too late.  The writing was on the wall.  Chalk this up to one big FAIL!

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