Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Gun Dude Introduction

Like you, I have an addiction to "The Gun", and I'm not ready to enter a 12 step program about it.  I guess I don't see it as a problem.  Following Shepard K's lead by way of introductions, I go by Double Tap, I'm an NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO), Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, competitive shooter, and Student of all things self-defense.

I met GunDiva at the range, shooting competitively a number of years ago and we've been friends since.   Seven or eight years ago seeing gals at the range was a bit rarer than it is today, almost an anomaly for the time.   I've limited my writing mostly to FaceBook, though GunDiva has been encouraging me to get a blog or a web page of my own for years. She recently offered the opportunity to write here occassionally, so I jumped at the opportunity and I thank her for it.

My love is the pistol- revolvers, semi-autos, S&W, Glock, 1911s, I love them all.  I've done some hunting in the past, I currently dabble in ARs, karate and knives, but I'm passionate about self-defense.  Whether it be defensive shooting, instructing new shooters, or improving a shooters skills, I'm on it and I'm trying to learn more about it.   I'm a pretty active instructor in NOCO, and each class I'm amazed by the numbers of people who are just becoming aware of taking responsibilty for their own safety.   Better late than never I guess, but these are the people who have had a taste of what it might be like to be a victim and have no further desire for that meal.  I respect that decision, and I'm here to help in whatever way possible.

I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas with you about equipment choices, practice or training regimens, carry methods, or just what happened at a fun day on the range.

shoot straight,
Double Tap


agirlandhergun said...

Oh, you are so my kind of person. I love pistols too...all of them and I am a self defense freak.

Looking forward to your contributions.

2A Mama said...

What agirl said! My husband keeps trying to get me into rifles & shotguns, and while I definitely think those are great, as a small female, I'm more interested in pistols! :)

Please post often, Double Tap!

Daddy Hawk said...

For the record, I have no need for a 12 step program either. Love pretty much anything that goes bang.

agirlandhergun said...

Shepard K, spoken like a true

Double Tap said...

Thanks for the comments and welcome. I'm looking forward to writing

Home on the Range said...

Welcome Double Tap! You're in good company here.