Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Travesty Of Justice.

This came to my attention today, from a pistol forum I am a member of. Read on... everyone who carries for self defense needs to be aware of this.

**The information below is from a source I trust implicitly. If you would like to contact the gentleman for additional information, please leave a comment on this post or email me directly and I will make it happen. Email is: swequine@yahoo.com
~Mrs Mom
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"DB is sitting in jail, charged with 5 counts of 1st degree murder and a handful of other charges.

Back in April a buddy called him to ask if he could help a girl move some things from her house because she had an abusive boyfriend, and DB had a truck. DB did not know the woman.

DB's wife told him to go help her after dinner and the kids went to bed.

DB was standing on her front porch while she grabbed some bags and belongings. While she was tossing stuff into his truck, one of her friends called her boyfriend and told him that she had a strange guy at the house.

That guy, the boyfriend and one other guy (all 3 convicted felons and known drug dealers) came screeching into the driveway and blocked DB's truck. They jumped out with clubs, knives and brass knuckles and approached DB on the porch. They backed him into the house and proceeded to beat the dog-squeeze
out of him. After taking one good punch to the face with the brass knuckles, DB went down on his back. As the guy with the brass knuckles moved in for the kill, DB drew his licensed Xd .40 and lit all 3 guys up.

One died there. One drove himself away (to the hospital), and the last one collapsed there. DB called 9-1-1, unloaded his pistol, and proceeded to give first aid to the wounded guy (who survived).

The cops showed up and questioned DB and the girl. Their stories matched.

13 detectives ended up working the case. 12 called it “the clearest cut case of self defense they had ever seen.” But the lead detective called it 1st degree murder.

The DA was up for re-election and pushed for trial (he ended up losing the primary, but the new DA also pushed for charges and trial.)

The detective tried to say it was a drug deal gone bad, but toxicology on DB came back clean even though he has a prescription for serious painkillers due to a back and knee injury. Clean for everything.

At a pre trial hearing the judge tried to dismiss the charges, but the lead detective would not drop it. The other 12 detectives said it was all BS and that DB was clean. And it came out that the lead detective never even examined the evidence, including the brass knuckles, clubs, and knives. The brass knuckles were covered with DB's blood.

DB was denied bail, and has been in jail since April. He was due in court this week, but the prosecution just asked for an extension until May 2013.

DB has the two best professional witnesses in the world and both agree that this is the thinnest case they’ve ever seen prosecuted. All of the other cops and detectives have agreed to testify for the defense. The lead detective tried to force DB's wife to testify against him, and she told him he was nuts. He threatened her, and she told him to talk to her attorney. When he found out she really did have an attorney he went nuts. Her attorney had to have the judge intervene to get the detective to back off.

And to top it all off, DB's wife was pregnant when he was arrested and she just gave birth. He now has 3 small children and a wife being harassed by the detective, while he rots in jail.

He has a very good attorney, and everyone is confidant that he will be found not guilty. But the stress and costs are unbelievable.

DB's kids are 7, 5, and a newborn. This young family is being put through Hell, all because a DA is too stupid and cowardly to do the right thing.

To help the family, Southern Winds Solutions will be sponsoring a bracelet drive- all proceeds will go directly to the family. This situation is liable to drag on a considerable amount of time, and I will continue to keep you updated as information becomes available. As more information is available, that will be posted as well.

Again, if you would like to verify this story please feel free to email me at: swequine@yahoo.com and I will connect you to the source.


SENIOR said...

I'm in, let me know the details of the fundraiser.

agirlandhergun said...

Me too!

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm missing something here. How do you get 5 counts of murder, if 3 people are shot and 1 dies? Can't they count, either?
Bionic Cowgirl

Mrs. Mom said...

As soon as I have all the details set, I'll be posting here with what we have to offer. Thank you, so very very much, for your support!!

BC- I am going to ask Dear Husband how that works. I have NO background with law, and he does. It makes no sense to me either. I'll zap you and let you know when I find out!

Double Tap said...

I'll send as well and share. He'll not only get out, he'll be able to sue the city I'm sure. I'm guessing his lawyer fought the trial extension? Fast and speedy trial mean anything here?

The Lowry Place said...

That's so sad! Well do what we can to help.

Momma Fargo said...

I'm in!

TheMinuteman said...

Why is his attorney continuing to allow trail delays? The defendant must surrender his right to a speedy trial otherwise the prosecution has to move forward, whether they're ready or not.

From the story as written the prosecutor is your typical one (look at point 2).

If he has been in jail the whole time unless he waived his right at 60 days they had to stand trial. The defense may have asked to waive the right at the beginning which would give an extra 60 days IIRC, but to continue further would require him to waive again.

It feels like something is missing from this, there's too much against the prosecutor and cop for it to be moving forward without the feds getting involved for a USC 18.232 investigation.

Mrs. Mom said...

TheMinuteMan, I invite you to pop in at Pistol Talk, look up M14SROCK, and please talk with him in depth about this issue. I passed along what info I had- and I am in no way qualified to discuss points of law. Just tell Rock I sent you, and I know he'll talk with you.

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Jennifer said...

Unacceptable! He needs to be home with his family.