Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Am Done Hiding

For years, unconsciously, I 'caved' to the anti-gunners by defending my gun ownership under the guise of 'sporting'.  I'm certain I'm not the only gun owner who has opted out of the anti-gunners' arguments by not engaging in a discussion, by simply saying, "you know, I compete with my gun".

I've been open here on the blog about the reason why I own my guns, about the reason why I train the way I do.  But I haven't been so honest in my daily life, mostly because I don't want to be perceived as a "gun nut" or "paranoid".

You know what?

Screw that!

I'm a gun owner because it's my Constitutional right.

I'm a gun owner because shooting is fun.

I'm a gun owner because I am 5' 1/2", female, and not physically strong enough to overpower someone bigger and heavier than I am.

I compete with my gun, not for sport, but because it's the best way I know to practice with my gun.  Standing at a line and shooting in a bay at paper targets is not practice for self-defense. 

Defensive pistol matches - THOSE are excellent practice for self-defense.  Or as close as you can get for practice.  Moving, drawing from concealment, learning to use cover and concealment. Engaging multiple targets while not "killing" any good guys, learning to distinguish between shoot/no-shoot targets.  (The best practice ever would be to train regularly with simunitions, but that's difficult training to come by, at least in our area.)

So the next time, in real-life, someone asks why I own guns, they're going to get the honest answer, not the politically correct one: I use my guns in "sport" to practice for self-defense.


Coffeypot said...

5’1/2”??? Do you have little rollerballs on the bottom of your holster so they want scrape on the dirt when you walk?
What the hell am I doing joking with a woman who can shoot like you do?
Sorry, Miss Diva! But I am glad you are going to own up to your beliefs IRL. I usually tell the control freaks that there is no room for discussion because they are arguing from ignorance.

Misty H said...

Sing it from the Mountaintops sister!

Daddy Hawk said...

Five feet tall you say? I've been looking for a place to sit my beer. [GRIN]

Seriously, amen. It's time to quit being bashful about it. The Constitution says we can. That's the only reason we need.

2A Mama said...

Diva, shall I whoop Daddy Hawk for ya the next time I run into him? Us shorties have to stick together you know. ;)

GunDiva said...

I mostly just hate arguing with people who have closed minds. Easier to just cave, but I'm done with that.

Coffeypot - do you know how hard it is to find holsters with wheels on them? Gah!

Misty H - you got it.

Daddy Hawk - it's a good thing The Queen loves you. Someone needs to ;)

Janice Grinyer said...

i have always known and think it is a much more responsible and adult response when I say I own firearms because it is a lethal weapon to be able to use it for hunting and for protection... then to say that I use it for fun and games.

then i say I shoot to kill, been trained that way, and will always have that motive in mind when i load, because thats why firearms are designed the way they are. And thats why im responsible with them, dont "share" them, and use them with the upmost respect.

just my feral thoughts ;)

GunDiva said...

Yet the antis are much more "understanding" of using a deadly weapon for "sport" than any other use. Go figure.

agirlandhergun said...

What an inspiration! Good for you. Good for all of us that someone as well spoken and smart as you is on our side.

Red Shoes said...

Good for you!

I've stopped making apologies as well!!!

Most of us ARE law-abiding citizens!!!


Mrs. Mom said...

When I first explored the option of being able to carry openly, I was hesitant about it. I mean, what would people SAY? (Cause, you know, in the republic of NY where I grew up and lived for far too long, GUNS were EVIL and not allowed. No No No! And to carry a pistol in the OPEN?? Unheard of!)

Guess what.

That didn't last long. I've had a few people ask my why I carry, both pro and anti- firearms folks, and my standard smart ass reply is "I carry a gun because a cop is simply too heavy. And after dropping the last cop on his head, it was decided that it was safer all around for me to carry."

But that has changed recently. The last person who made a snide remark about me taking my gun for a walk in the local WalMart was informed that if the shit hit the fan at least *I* knew enough and was prepared to make it out alive.

Most times though? The men smile and nod at the 1911 on my hip. The women have one of 2 reactions- their eyes bug out of their heads and they hustle far far away, or they come up and ask me the particulars- how, why, how can I do this, where can I get training, is this even legal?

I love those reactions. It gives us the chance to do (one of) my favorite things:

I just wish more ladies would (where they are able) carry openly and talk with people.

Double Tap said...

Remember, the Constitution is only Re-affirming your right to firearms usage. The first 10 amendments are "The Bill of Rights". The Founders believe you get these rights from God, or nature, just for being born. The Antis believe you get your rights from society. That's why they think they can regulate you. I'm glad you are committed to fighting the fight overtly now. let me know if I can help.