Monday, February 18, 2013

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

The Colorado House just passed a bill limiting magazine capacity.

I have purchased six "high capacity" magazines for my Para.  I've used them for years at Defensive Pistol.  They are high capacity, in that they hold TEN rounds, instead of the standard seven (or eight, I don't remember, it's been so long since I've used my standard magazines).

Jay's M&P comes with 17-round magazines, standard.  Not high capacity.  Those are the ones that came with his gun.  You know, standard capacity. 

However, under the bill just passed by the Colorado House, my non-standard, high capacity magazines will be legal, while Jay's standard capacity magazines will be illegal.


Misty H said...

So here's my question are those of us in the state who have these larger capacity mags that are standard have to carry around the damned receipt showing we purchased prior to the ban?

Jackholes...the whole lot of them

GunDiva said...

This could be a repeat of the NY mess, which made all of the cops criminals. Their issued ARs have 20 - 30 round capacity and most of them carry "combat tupperware" with standard mags of 16+ rounds.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know Colorado is as bone headed at some of the other states (tongue in cheek).

RabidAlien said...

I'm guessing we'll soon start seeing a bunch of other gun/accessory manufacturers refusing to sell to Colorado LEO/gov/politicians...if its not good enough for the common rabble, then its not good enough for the pretentious elite.

And I will salute them for taking that stand, like the other companies that have done so recently.