Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Great Colorado Outdoors Show

I got a Facebook message on Wednesday, asking if I would be willing to do a presentation on how to get involved in shooting at The Great Colorado Outdoors Show on Saturday.  Um.  Yes?

I recorded a radio interview today that I felt pretty good about, but who knows how it will actually turn out.  The radio spot is supposed to run tomorrow in preparation for the Outdoor Show on Saturday.  I hope it turns out okay and as soon as I get the link to it, I'll add it here.

I got some more good news this morning, just before I did my interview.  I'll be taking the stage just before RJ and Jay Paul from The Swamp People, which means that there should be lots of butts in seats as they are waiting for the Swamp Folk to make their appearance.  Whether or not people are interested in my presentation is a moot point, I'll be saying what I have to say and they'll be hearing it.  If I can hook even one additional audience member and get them interested in shooting, I'll consider it a success.

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