Saturday, August 3, 2013

Use rentals to help you find the right handgun for you.

A common question that is asked by new shooters is which handgun to buy?  The best way to answer this question is to try before you buy.  Very similar to test driving a car before you commit to the purchase.

One of the best ways to test drive a handgun is to find a shooting range that offers rentals.  This will allow you to try several makes and models and can help you choose between a revolver or semi-auto pistol.  And find the right model that fits you.

It may seem costly to rent, but not as costly as spending $400-$1000 on a handgun you end up not liking.  A little know fact is guns depreciate as fast as cars do.  Sometimes faster.  Choose carefully.

Expect to spend approximately $50-$100.  Maybe more depending on how many handguns you try.
The cost breaks down as follows: (prices are approximate and will vary)
$7-$15 per handgun rented.
$20 per hour for lane rental
$20 per box of ammunition.  (This is what really drives the cost)

Typically I can try 3-5 handguns in 1 - 1.5 hours.  And has helped me choose the right handguns for me.   Generally within 25-50 rounds I can determine if a handgun is right for me or not by the way is sits in my hand.  Is it too big or too small.  Can or cannot reach the controls.  Or just is unpleasant to shoot and kicks the snot out of my hand.

Contact your local ranges and find out which ones have rentals and for how much and which models they offer for rent.  Though a little expensive, use rentals to help you find the right handgun.   Rentals will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.



GunDiva said...

Thanks for saving my ass on a point I meant to make, but forgot to, in my presentation today.

Mez is right, go rent some guns. Shoot lots of them before you invest in one.

tara said...

Great piece of advice/information for people. Given the huge range of guns available, by renting I was able to narrow down my choices and then fine tune the final decision to a gun I really love owning.

Anonymous said...

Great advice! SO many buy light-weight guns that sting at the range and there is no refund or return on gun purchases! Arrgh! We teach a handgun safety and marksmanship training class where the gun is included in the class fee, and most students find time to cycle through 9 different types of modern defense gun styles before range day is over.
Love your blog!