Thursday, October 3, 2013


I've been working on a project since June for a startup company that will be opening up on Oct 19th.  The company is an idea and creation of my own (scary I know), but I think we have something special.  Something unique and may change the way NoCo trains for CCW.   On the bar just above the feature article....yes the bar that says "home" on the left side, and then "Gun Diva" and "Mrs. Mom"....way out on the right side is a button labeled "FiTS".   FiTS is my baby, a new twist on an old idea.   Firearms Training Simulations, is the long name, and as the name implies, will be offering high end, LE quality simulation training to the public.   There are several faces for FiTS, it can be a serious training tool, virtual range time, or just plain old fantasy entertainment. Further, we'll be offering private training and courses based up simulation. Additionally, we are able to film at private locations and drop in bad guys for the company that wants to give their security team a taste of what an active shooter situation might look like in their own buildings.   I've been working with Ti to get this project right, their bread and butter is the LE market and most of their sales go to Sheriff's departments and lately TSA.  The "scenarios" we've been concentrating on revolve around range time and CCW applications, throw in some zombies for fun and I think we have a training and shooting combination that is not found for public consumption in Northern Colorado, or the rest of the state, maybe the rocky mountain west for that matter.  I hope you'll take 10 minutes and read our introduction.

I'd love to hear any ideas, comments or warnings you have.

Shoot Straight,

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