Sunday, February 4, 2018

SHOT Show 2018 – Clay Pigeons and Thumb Busting

Here are a couple of interesting items we found at SHOT this year.

First up is the Crazy Quail clay pigeon throwing system.  The Crazy Quail is an automated system for throwing clay pigeons.  They offer a single, dual and even a quad throwing system.  You can buy their thrower or mount your own.

The Crazy Quail has a 360 degree rotation so you can throw clays in any direction. 
One of the best features, they have an App so you can control it from your Smartphone or Tablet.  Either program it for a specific pattern or have someone control it for you.

If you are serious about shot gunning and want a serious clay throwing system, then the Crazy Quail system is for you.

Next up is a tool to assist with the fun job of loading magazines.  There have been tools to help load magazines for years.  But I think ETS tactical has come up with one of the easiest systems I have come across.  
They have a universal tool for rifle magazines then the pistol tools are caliber specific.  The tools work with single stack or double stack magazine.  The tool will self center the magazine.  

If you need help loading magazines check out the ETS Tactical tool. 

By: Mez
February 2018

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