Thursday, February 1, 2018

SHOT Show 2018: Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules

One of the great things about SHOT show is all the celebrities you can see.  This year I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Julie Golob.  Julie is a veteran, national and international shooting champion and a great spokeswoman for the shooting community.  

She was at the Girls with Guns booth promoting her new book, "Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules".  TTGR is a book designed to introduce guns and gun safety ideas to children.  It is kept simple so children can understand.   

It is a great introduction for children to the world of guns and gun safety.  Grab a copy and read it with your children today.

"Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules"
Written by Julie Glob
Illustrated by Nancy Batra

Additional resources:

Kidsgunsafetybook - Additional information and companion resources to the book.

Project Child Safe - Gun accident prevention program

Eddie Eagle - Gun accident prevention program

Girls with Guns - outdoor apparel designed by women for women.

About Julie Golob:


GunDiva said...

You beat me to it!

Excellent book, fit for very young children.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh great book. I am getting some of those for friends.