Thursday, February 7, 2019

SHOT Show 2019 - Fun with customization.

in todays firearms world, everyone and their brother, sister, cousin, etc. builds an AR platform rifle.  If you buy from a reputable company you will get a good product. So how does a company differentiate themselves from everyone else?  Go custom configurations.  Something the big companies are not doing.  (But beware, doing custom work such as this is not cheap.  Fun, but not cheap)
Here are pictures from a couple of companies we came across.  Enjoy.

First up is Strike Industries.  This is my favorite of their rifles.

Next up is F1 Firearms.  These guys are more competition oriented as they offer skeletonized receivers.  Not the best for keeping dirt and stuff out of your firearm.  But it does make for a lightweight rifle.  
One of the options they offer is multi-color hard-coat, multi-color anodization.  Which makes for a beautiful, customized rifle.  

If you are tired of the plain old black, try a bit of color customization.

By:  Mez
Feb. 2019

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