Saturday, June 12, 2010

Proper Attire For Range Time

Along with keeping your "booger hook", as my Dear Husband calls it, off the trigger, we need to think about what we are wearing when we go to the range.

Ladies, please, heed these words and choose your attire wisely!

If you are going to the range with your Man, and you want to dress to impress (which means boobies hanging out, open toe shoes, and shorty shorts,) if you plan on shooting plan on hopping around like a mad woman as that hot brass makes it's way down into the "depths" of your bra.

Shoes. Sneakers. Work boots. In my case, my Ariats. Keep the toes under cover. No hooker heels, no flip flops, no dainty sandals with your perfectly pedicured distal phalanges poking out for all to admire. (sorry.. just threw up in my mouth a bit. Feet gross me out. Unless attached to a horse that is.)

Daisy Duke shorty shorts. You might can wear them, but if you are planning on shooting EFFECTIVELY, and not just there playing around to give your Man a "rise", be sensible. Longer shorts, jeans, something you can move in and that fit you correctly-- not so tight you can not breathe.

Pull it back. You can't see the target with hanks of hair hanging in your eyes.

There you have it. No evening gowns, no street walker clothes, no boobages or butt cheeks falling out.

You don't need all that "enticement". Shooting is a natural aphrodisiac all unto itself.


GunDiva said...

That is the God's Honest Truth, ladies. Any girl with a gun, who knows how to use it, is better than a drunk hooker-heeled floozy in a bar as far as being an aphrodesiac.

I have been known to wear a spaghetti strap tank top to the range on ocassion, but have never whined when hot brass burned my chesticles. That's just the price you pay for wanting to get a little sun while out at the range.

Also made the mistake of wearing shorts one time when I was working the timer for a match. In order to work the timer, you have to stand directly behind the shooter. Usually not a problem. However, on this day I was wearing shorts and we were shooting steel. I got some splash back off of the target and cut up my legs. Learned my lesson there.

Linda Medrano said...

I generally cover up pretty much at the range. Jeans, long sleeved shirt, protective glasses, boots. I don't like getting pinged on my skin by hot stuff!

Anonymous said...

And the people said... AMEN! Dress sensibly, please?! My guy likes me with jeans, boots, tshirt and a hat anyways!

Mr. Daddy said...

If I didn't know better I would think that you are profiling....*snicker*

"O" wait, you were writing this as safety tips...right...RIGHT...ROFL

I am absolutely sure there is no feminine testosterone going on at the range,,,after all we are all professionals here... U hu U hu U hu!!!!

ROFL, LMAO..wheezing here...(gasp) gasp!!!!!

P.S. sorry just being a smart A@@...*snicker*

good go girls..

Rebecca said...

Our local volunteer Fire Department actually responded to a nearby range for a woman who had shot her husband in the thigh by doing the "jump up and down screaming thing" known to others as "brass down in the bra". Low cut shirts are NOT for shooting. And the "booger hook" should be kept off the trigger unless you're ready to fire the weapon.

Thanks for the great advice!

Momma Fargo said...

LOL. Amen!