Sunday, June 6, 2010

So Why Girls With Guns?

It started with some jerk pulling a gun on me, and two days worth of posting and conversation about the incident on my horse blog.

For those that don't know, I'm a hoof care provider. Generally, I work alongside my husband, but from time to time the Locust Brothers and I venture out in the big Ford to trim on our own. We only do this for select clients, as... frankly, I'm not as young as I used to be and this is a hard job.

The day started with plans to visit a regular client with an awesome mare. I've been on this call alone in the past with no issue and thought nothing of loading up the kids and heading on out to get the job done.

The area we go through to get there though, has been in steady decline. Known to be a spot full of miscreants up to no good, we usually just hot foot it through and all is well. That day however, my alarm bells were singing a bit as I sat at the red light, waiting to make my turn. I saw three white youths- two male, one female- standing in the middle of my planned travel lane, conducting a spot of "business" (read: drug deal.) The light changed, I eased up, looking to pass in the lane for oncoming traffic- and couldn't because there was... surprise surprise... oncoming traffic. Took my foot off the gas, and scoped things out. Shaved head dude all dressed in baggy black took note- made the transaction, and turned towards me. He then lifted his shirt up, and reached for the gun he had tucked into his waist band. (Diva tells me this is known as a "pecker wrecker" carry method. Fits!)

I'm not going to lie- I was scared spitless. And pissed. And unarmed. (Plan B was at work with Dear Husband that particular day.) I had both my boys with me, strapped in their car seats. And that miserable punk was going to pull his gun on ME? I Don't F'ing Think So.

Not seeing another option at the time, I pushed the pedal to the metal and chirped the rubber on the Ford, and aimed directly at the bastard. If he thought he was going to get off a shot, it would be with a full size four wheel drive crammed down his worthless gullet.

I've been back to that client since then, and had no trouble. I've also altered my arrival time, to an early slot where it seems there is less activity in the 'hood. There is no other way to get TO the spot, as unfortunately happens in this line of work.

I did learn a few things from the incident.
1) You have to look close and check options
2) Think fast, act fast
3) Listen-- ALWAYS-- to those warning bells
4) Full size four wheel drive Ford's work well as battering rams
5) Do. Not. Hesitate. Commit, and GO.
6) Don't leave home with out Plan B. (Or C, D, and E for that matter.)
7) Close calls can happen anywhere, anytime. Expect the unexpected.

That story kicked off a conversation between myself and our beloved GunDiva, from which Girls With Guns arrived. That incident also brought home just how rough some of the areas around us are getting to be. There are several spots that I will NOT go into alone- even with Plan B, C,D, and E. Dear Husband goes with, and we both go armed to get where we need to be.

Truth be told, that is not the first time I've had a gun pointed at me. But I sure as shootin' would like it to be the LAST time some jagoff ever even considers it.


Momma Fargo said...

Very cool post. Glad you acted fast and smart. And don't leave home without Glock, Remington, Smith and Wesson, Browning, Colt, Sig, or any other fine looking men.

Mr. Daddy said...

That's as good a reason as any...LOL

I hope you made road pizza outa that punk...

I am super glad that you and your little ones made it outa there ok...

GunDiva said...

Momma Fargo - those are some fine looking men, I agree. I love them all!

Mr. Daddy - we're all thrilled she and the heathi made it out.

K. - as usual, you crack me right the f up. Location, location, location *snicker*

Mrs. Mom said...

Ooohhh Momma Fargo, you made me just want to go and have some *FUN* with those fine gents! ;) hehe

Mr. Daddy- I didn't want to mar the finish on my beloved Ford, but thought that a new Hood Ornament would be kinda cool... Nothing like SkinHead on the grill to let folks know you're a Bad Ass, right?

K- You crack me up! I too am grateful that the truck did not actually HAVE to come in contact with someone for several reasons- the biggest one being the bill to decontaminate and repair the truck. It just goes to show-- ANYTHING can be used as a defensive weapon though, right? ;)

Diva, you rock. But you already knew that ;)

Texas Ghostrider said...

i LIKE YOUR THINKING. aLWAYS HAVE A PLAN B,C,D,E! When I was a FTO, I would knock this in the brains of the rookies, and yes "do something!" was the other. A truck makes a good ram, I love it, You might make a good cop, at least you acted, sometimes that is more then some of my rejects did.....