Monday, October 4, 2010

Only In Shooting Sports...

...can you say things like:
  • limp-wrist
  • short-stroke
  • swinger
  • bobber
  • popper
  • half-cock 
  • full-cock
  • negligent discharge
  • accidental discharge
  • mount
  • pump
And not be a total pervert (*cough* Mr. Daddy *coughcough*)


Allenspark Lodge said...

In black powder shooting you need to make sure you shoot your load before you ram another round down the pipe...

Rachel said...

Oh Lord... my husband is the BUTT of a blog post.

I don't even want to shoot for any puns because I am scared enough as is!

As you said dear, Gundiva is throwing down the guantlet!

Mrs. Mom said...

Well Hell Gertrude! That's sure something to sip my morning brew to!

You crack me up Diva. Totally! ;)

Now Mr. Daddy, what have you got? (Hang in there Ms. Rachel-- this ride might get rough...Lol)

Mr. Daddy said...

sorry been outa town.

didn't take my gun,

So sorry to say there will be no limp wristing, or short stroking..*snicker*

can say for pretty certain sure that there will be no discharge, negligent or otherwise.

there will be NO cocking, half or full.

as for the pump, I need to check it out, while here, and possibly mount a new one....LOL

As for the guy I am having to travel with? he might swing both ways, Butt, I have not personaly seen him bobbing or popping, so I can't say for sure.

and the last time I was told to cough, the doc said to turn my head.

Just saying....

P.S. does this sound perverted...

Daddy Hawk said...

Don't forget these favorites:
Over (or under) Penetration
Head Space
Ram Rod

GunDiva said...

K, how on earth did I forget those classics? Thanks for adding them to the list.

Killlashandra said...

Thank you I needed a laugh!