Monday, September 5, 2011

Lessons Learned

Now that the euphoria of completing an entire match weak-handed has faded, I can take a look back at the videos and critique them.

First, my grip sucked.  I should have re-read our post on proper grip.  Being so right hand dominant, I can see that my discomfort with using my left hand impacted my grip.  I did not hold it like I owned it and it showed with feed failures.  I worked like crazy on getting the proper grip while in the holster and throughout my presentation (draw), which explains why I never had a feed failure while shooting my first magazine.  However, I obviously didn't maintain that grip during/after magazine changes (or, in the case of Stage 1, after switching hands back and forth).

Because I didn't have a proper grip, I couldn't control my muzzle flip, which increased my time to get back on target.

Second, as a general rule, I shoot using a Weaver/Modified Weaver stance (the differences between the two are so subtle, most people can't distinguish them).

When I looked at the videos, though, I noticed that left-handed, I gravitated toward the Isosceles stance.

The debate over which is the superior stance is a post for a different day, but my point is that it's not a stance I normally use, which also played a part in my slow-as-molasses-ness in acquiring my sight picture.

I had intended to shoot the match and be done with shooting weak-handed.  The problem is, I've got a lot of work to do.  Am I confident I can hit what I'm aiming at weak-handed?  You bet.  But can I do it in a timely manner? Not so much.  RCC pointed out last night, as he was watching the videos, that I need to work on speed.  The bad guys would have killed me five or six times over by the time I got my first round off.  He's right.

Questions for you: Do you work on specific skills when out at the range or do you just go out "to play"?  Do you set shooting goals for yourself?  If so, what are your shooting goals?


Momma Fargo said...

Well...ON THE RANGE...the police one, I have to qualify. OUT on the range...I shoot steel and prairie dogs. Just sayin'. HOME on the range...I shoot snakes, skunks, and anything that moves. I haven't just gone out to play or shoot for fun in many moons. Oy. I needed a reminder that I should go out and play.

Mrs. Mom said...

I *have* to work on specific drills lately. Changes in my eye sight have caused big changes in my shooting, causing my cross eye dominant shooting self to have to really work left handed. (ie: weak hand)

Dear Husband, meanie head that he is, has me do strong hand, weak hand two hand drills all the time.

Least it is fun! ;) Now if only a miracle could happen with my eyeballs.. *sigh*